Health Benefits of Jaggery Powder

by Shopify API on Sep 02, 2021

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Jaggery powder has a rich tradition of being used regularly as an ayurvedic medicinal cure. The jaggery powder is not just an ingredient that is used in the preparation of foods, but also, a combination of various herbs and other natural elements which make your food tasty and nutritious to some extent. If you want to consume low calories food, you can go with jaggery as it is full of nutrients and minerals. Thereby, it is beneficial for those who want to stay healthy, eat fewer calories and maintain proper weight. It is also being used for medicinal purposes since ancient times.

What Is Jaggery?

Jaggery is basically a wholesome and healthy form of sugar that is traditionally produced from the most natural ingredients on earth. That, however, is not all there is to jaggery. It is a delicious sweetener that has been described by many as even better than sugar itself. It is also used in numerous medicinal preparations and has been used in this manner for centuries.

Benefits Of Jaggery Powder

Healthy source of carbohydrates

With jaggery powder, you have a healthy source of carbohydrates that is also rich in vitamins C and B-complex. There is calcium present in the jaggery powder that aids in proper blood circulation. A person with a normal heart can ensure they do not experience any heart attack by consuming a tablespoon of jaggery powder every day.

Boon to the digestive system

Jaggery, naturally sweet and rich in minerals, and low on the glycemic index, is an excellent food for any digestive health-related issues. Rich with iron and calcium, jaggery has been used for ages for belching, flatulence, indigestion, and constipation. It provides a more focused and alert feeling when taken before performing brain-intensive activities.

Jaggery Powder Is a Storehouse of minerals

Jaggery is rich in Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron, Phosphor, and Magnesium; all essential for the body’s healthy growth. These are the minerals that can be found in your daily food but jaggery surely contains more of them in the natural sweetener that is extracted from palm trees or sugarcane. If you got used to commercial sugar that contains no minerals, jaggery powder will be a good replacement for it.

Jaggery Powder Can Be Used as Purifier and cleanser

Jaggery Powder is a classic example of Ayurveda as it is purely made from Sugarcane juice without adding any other additives. This unique property makes Jaggery one of the healthiest sweeteners you can have. It provides instant energy and helps our bodies get rid of toxins, which is one of its major health benefits.

Jaggery Powder is Rich in antioxidants

Jaggery powder is rich in antioxidants which is why it can help lower your blood pressure and help heal wounds. Jaggery is a good source of iron, potassium, and calcium. It is rich in thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin, copper, zinc, and selenium. It contains antioxidants like flavonoids, phenolic acids, and caffeic acids. The antioxidant property of jaggery powder helps in increasing the immunity of the body against many infections.


Jaggery is popularly used as a traditional alternative medicine to treat and prevent allergies. It's an effective anti-allergen that is capable of reducing allergic symptoms such as runny nose, itchy throat, redness, and swelling. It has a low glycemic index equal to honey. Jaggery increases white blood cell and bone marrow production. Jaggary decreases inflammation in wounds.

Nourishes The Skin

Jaggery is also known for its bleaching properties. It contains chemicals like glycoalkaloids and acidic compounds that help make your skin white. By using jaggery daily, you can help treat other skin problems such as freckles, pimples, scars, and nails that break easily. Buy Organic Jaggery from the healthy master.

Treats Acne And Pimples

In India, jaggery is considered to be one of the best-known remedies for pimples and other skin problems. The reason why it is effective in dealing with acne and pimples lies in its anti-bacterial properties which can help fight against acne-causing bacteria and prevent further infection.

Regulates Bowel Movement

Jaggery is a very helpful product. It regulates your bowel movement, keeps you away from constipation, and soothes piles. It has qualities that are beneficial to health. It is also used to treat diarrhea. In contemporary times it has found new vigor providing a dual purpose - to promote healthy weight loss and to regulate bowel movement.

Prevents Anemia

Jaggery for weight loss is one of the most effective ways to lose excessive weight. It contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that aid in burning extra fat and gives you better mental clarity. Jaggery also helps you in reducing the retention of water. Jaggery has health benefits, it's got a low glycemic index and is an anti-toxin food. It is essentially made of the most beneficial roots and flower materials. Those who are suffering from a Blood disorder or anemia should always consume jaggery as it has got iron in it.

Reduces Retention Of Water

It reduces the retention of water in the body system and enables healthy kidneys and a liver. It strengthens the nervous system and increases our stamina and energy. Buy Organic Jaggery at Best Price India from Healthy master.

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