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by Bsocial Consultant on Jul 13, 2023

how to eat walnut

Since childhood, your mothers and grandmothers must have been feeding you walnuts in raw form. However, as you grew up and your taste buds for different foods developed, you wanted to add walnuts to your diet in innovative ways without spoiling the flavour. So, food and health-conscious lovers, if you don't know how to eat walnuts every day in innovative ways, then hold on here. We have curated a 5-minute guide for you on how to eat walnuts in different ways.

Benefits of Eating Walnuts
Before diving directly into how to eat walnuts daily, first recall the nutritional value of walnuts and their associated health benefits

  • The presence of vitamin E, melatonin, and plant compounds in walnuts lowers bad cholesterol levels.
  • The omega-3 fat content in walnuts lowers the chances of heart disease. 
  • Eating soaked walnuts every day increases metabolism and reduces weight as walnuts are a rich source of calcium, potassium, iron, copper, and zinc. 
  • Eating walnuts promotes good sleep because of the presence of a compound called melatonin.
  • Eating soaked walnuts promotes hair growth because of the presence of vitamin B7. 

Without further delay, let's look at how to eat walnuts daily in innovative ways to enjoy the above mentioned benefits of walnuts.

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How to Eat Walnuts? 5 Innovative Ways to Add Walnuts to Your Diet

  1. Soak Walnuts - Eating 4-5 soaked walnuts in the morning on an empty stomach is the best way to eat walnuts. Eating soaked almonds helps reduce cholesterol levels, furthermore, walnuts become easier to digest.

Not just that, walnuts are best enjoyed as a mid-day snack. Instead of munching on the trans-fat loaded cookies and namkeen, have a handful of walnuts. You will not only healthily satisfy your hunger but also get protein and fibre.

  1. Walnut with yogurt: If you love eating yogurt, then you can add flavours to yogurt by adding 4-5 soaked walnuts. Moreover, you can add soaked walnuts to your breakfast bowl of oatmeal to increase the nutritional value of your breakfast. 
  2. Smoothie: Is your day incomplete without a smoothie? If so, give a healthy twist to your favourite smoothie by adding walnuts. Having a smoothie for breakfast will keep you energetic throughout the day. 
  3. Salad: A healthy snack has gained popularity among people. From ordering in the restaurant to preparing at home, today you can find many salad lovers. When preparing a bowl of salad at home for lunch or dinner, add nutritional value by adding lots of nuts and seeds like walnuts, chia seeds, and many more. The nutrient-packed bowl will not only be lip-smacking but also help with weight control.
  4. Sandwich Stuffing - Whether you are making non-vegetarian sandwiches or vegetarian sandwiches for breakfast, adding walnuts in the crushed form will not only give a nutty and crunchy flavour to the sandwich but also keep you full for a longer time, therefore curbing unwanted hunger pangs. 


Now, you have not 1, not 2, but 5 ways to add walnuts to your diet. By adding walnuts to sandwiches, smoothies, or salads, you not only enhance the flavours and textures of the dish but also increase the overall nutritional value of the meal. However, you must know how many walnuts to eat per day, to avoid the side effects of overeating walnuts. To buy premium-quality walnuts, end your search at Healthy Master.