5 Health Benefits of Hazelnuts | Healthy Master

5 Health Benefits of Hazelnuts | Healthy Master

Hazelnuts are packed with nutrients, antioxidant compounds, and vitamins. Lots of people consume hazelnuts in different ways. One might enjoy these as a snack or might consume these in a baked good or some dishes. It is often recommended to consume these with their skin on as in this form; they have the highest quantity of nutrients. Hazelnut benefits are unbelievable as by incorporating these into one diet, one will experience a significant difference in their blood sugar level, blood fat levels, and many more. This delicious nutrient is a must-have as it provides numerous benefits to the individual.

5 Health Benefits of Hazelnuts:

  • High nutritional value: Hazelnuts, no doubt, are one of the biggest sources of nutrition. They include not only calories but also vitamins and healthy fats. Hazelnuts are also known to include a good amount of omega fatty acids. One ounce of this source of nutrition can easily fulfill 11 percent of one’s daily requirement of dietary fibres.
  • Antioxidant: Hazelnuts consist of a good amount of phenolic acid, which works as an antioxidant for the body. Antioxidants are crucial for maintaining good health as they protect our body from oxidative stress, which is responsible for damaging cell structure leading to early aging, increasing cancer, and heart diseases. Phenolic acid helps to lower cholesterol and inflammation levels. Hazelnut with skin is highly recommended that it is the skin that contains the highest level of antioxidants.
  • Improved heart function: As hazelnuts are highly rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, it helps in the lower level of cholesterol in blood level. This will help the heart to function in the right manner. It has been found in the study that a good intake of hazelnut helps in reducing bad LDL cholesterol levels. The artery health of one’s heart also tends to improve with the daily consumption of hazelnut, as per the study. Thus, hazelnut health benefits are being experienced by lots of people, and the intake of this high source of nutrition is very important for the healthy and improved working of the heart.
  • Lowers the risk of cancer: Hazelnuts can significantly reduce the chances of cancer because of their various anti-cancer properties. As we already know, hazelnuts are full of vitamins, fibres, and antioxidants that work well together in keeping the chances of cancer lower. With the concentration of vitamin E, hazelnuts prevent the cell from damage, which otherwise will contribute towards the risk of cancer. Hence this shows the importance of hazelnut intake.
  • Lower blood sugar level: Hazelnut might also help to lower the blood sugar level. This has been found in a study that intake of various nuts, including hazelnuts, lowers the insulin and fasting sugar level while increasing insulin sensitivity. This will eventually help in improving overall health.

Hence, hazelnut benefits are too good to ignore. By including these in one’s daily diet, there will indeed be an overall improvement in one’s health. Thus, one must not waste any time as start consuming these in the required quantity.