Multi Millet - Palm Sugar Cookies

Multi Millet - Palm Sugar Cookies

₹60 ₹65

Healthy, tasty, fiber
rich cookies made from
multi millets and palm


Made with multi millets these cookies are rich in nutrition,fiber and taste. These appetizing cookies have no maida, preservatives and baking soda. Unrefined sugar has been used which retain sugar’s natural nutrients, such as calcium and iron


1. Improve blood sugar control and cholesterol levels 
2. Aids weight loss.
3. Low in calorie and high in dietary fiber
4. Diabetic patient can relish this cookies in moderation.

Ingredients : 
Kodo Millet, Banyard Millet, Wheat, Palm Sugar, Soya Beans, Vegetable Oils & Salt.

Nutritional Values : 
(Per100g)Energy - 505Kcal, Fat - 24.5g, Carbohydrate - 62.5g, Fiber - 1.60g, Protien - 8.5g

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