Multi Millet Ajwain Cookies

Multi Millet Ajwain Cookies


Healthy,tasty,fiber rich
ajwain cookies made from
multi millets.


Made with multi millets these cookies are rich in nutrition,fiber and taste. These appetizing cookies have no wheat flour(maida), preservatives and baking soda .


1. Improve blood sugar control and cholesterol levels 
2. Aids weight loss.
3. Low in calorie and high in dietary fiber.

Ingredients :
 Little Millet Flour, Wheat Flour, Unrefined Cane Sugar, Salt, Ajwain & Vegetable oil

Nutritional Values : 
(Per100G) - Energy - 506.5KCal, Carbohydrate - 64.7g, Fat - 23.5g, Fiber - 1.76g, Protein - 5.75g.

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