Mixed Dried Berries

Mixed Dried Berries


treat of premium berries.

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Made from deliciously sweet, fresh sun dried berries ,this mix is a combination of blueberries, blackberries and cranberries. This mix is the perfect healthy snack at any time of day.


1. Loaded with antioxidants.
2. Improve blood sugar and insulin response.
3. Fights inflammation.
4. Lowers cholesterol levels.

Indgredients - Mixture of Cranberries,Blue berries,Black berries.

Nutritional values-  Calories-137.83,Energy- 116.67kcal,Total Fat- 0.62gm,
Saturated Fat- 0.04gm,Poly unSaturated Fat- 0.24gm,Mono unSaturated Fat- 0.07gm,Cholesterol- 0.28mg,Calcium- 0.33%,Sodium - 7.50mg,Potassium-12.22mg, Manganese-4.33%,Carbohydrate-61.97gm,DietaryFiber-4.42gm,Sugars-53.833gm,Protein-0.46gm,Vitamin K-7.33%,
Vitamin C-0.67%,Vitamin A- 10.67IU,Copper-0.67%,Iron- 1.20%,Trans Fat- 0gm.

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