Seeds and Berry Sprinkle

Seeds and Berry Sprinkle


Chewy and crunchy mix of
berries and seeds.

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Chewy and crunchy mixture of Pumpkin seeds and Waltermelon seeds along with natural sweetness of delicious cranberries,blue berries,black berries .


1. Loaded with antioxidants.
2. Lowers Cholesterol and manage diabetes.
3.High in fiber.
4. Perfect mid-day snacking and great addition to porridge and smoothies.
Mixture of Cranberries,Blue berries,Black berries,WaterMelon Seeds and Pumpkin seeds.

Nutrition values - Calories-194 Energy- 159kcal,Total Fat- 14gm,
Saturated Fat- 3gm,Poly unSaturated Fat- 0gm,Mono unSaturated Fat- 0gm,Cholesterol- 0mg,Calcium- 0mg,Sodium - 28mg,Potassium-137mg, Manganese-3%,Carbohydrate-51gm,DietaryFiber-3gm,Sugars-33gm,Protein-10gm,Vitamin K-4%,
Vitamin C-0%,Vitamin A- 6IU,Copper-0%,Iron- 1%,Trans Fat- 0gm.

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