Ragi Noodles

Ragi Noodles


Enjoy your favourite
Noodles with a healthy
twist of Ragi.


Enjoy Noodle with a healthy twist of Ragi.Ragi is High in fiber and rich in iron and calcium.Intact with the benefits of Ragi, these noodles cannot be missed.


1. Fights Anemia
2. Good for diabetes.
3. High in fiber.
4. Good for bones.

Ingredients - Ragi Millet Flour,Whole Wheat Flour,Salt,Edible calcium,Cluster bean powder,Starch

Nutrition values - Facts: (100g),Energy-365kcal,carbohyderate-74.5gm,fat-0.4gm,fiber-6.4gm,protein-12.2gm.

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