Millet  vermicelli

Millet vermicelli


This ensures that you and
your family have strong
immunity, controlled
blood sugar and a healthy


This combination of millets contains a good amount of protein, calcium, dietary fiber and several essential minerals.


1.  Protein & Iron rich 
2. Prevents from anemia
3. Recommended for obese, diabetic.

Ingredients - Finger Millet flour,Kodo Millet,Little millet,Foxtail Millet,Barnyard Millet,Rice,Pearl Millet,Proso Millet Flour,Sorghum,Quinua Flour,Whole Wheat Flour,Salt,Edible Calcium,Cluster Bean Powder,Starch

Nutrition values - Facts: (100g),Energy-373kcal,Carbohyderate-86.5gm,Fat-0.6 gm,Fiber-5.9gm,Protein-15.6gm.

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