Lime and Spicy Mix Seeds


Lime and Spicy Mix Seeds


Healthy and Tasty
Nutrient packed seed mix.

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Contains power of 2 Pumpkin, Sunflower seeds Seasoned with Lime & Spicy flavour.
Full of Valuable Nutrients ,Antioxidants, Magnesium.


- Help to  Reduce Risk of Certain Cancers.
- Boost hair health and support beautiful skin.
- Good source of healthy fats and protein.
- Rich in vitamin C
- Good for weight Management
Ingredients -Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, salt, Lime , spices& condiments.

Nutrition values -Per100g,Energy -498Kcal,Calories From Fat-0,Total Fat-28g,Saturated Fat-	10.5g,Poly UnsaturatedFat	-0g,	MonoUnsaturatedFat-0g,Trans Fat -0g,Cholesterol-0mg,Sodium-458.7 mg, Total Carbohydrates-60g, Dietary Fibre-6.2g,Sugar-10.3g,	Protein-7.5g,	VitaminA-0u, VitaminC-0mg,Calcium-85.6mg, Iron-3.9mg.

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