Baked Soya Chips

₹70 ₹90

Baked soya Chips are
extremely engergy dense,
they make a healthy


Desire for something crunchy & Healthy ? Baked Soya Chips are a nutrition powerhouse.They are rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats and other essential nutrients that your body needs for good health.


1. Soya helps in cancer prevention.
2. Helps lowering bad cholestrol.
3. Helps in weightloss.
4. Low fat baked alternative for traditional high fat chips.

Soya bean flour,urad daal, tapioca Starch, edible vegetable oil, black til,milk solids, iodised salt.

Nutitional Values (per 100gm):
Energy(kcal)-510,carbohydrates(g) - 58.1,fat(g)-27.8, protein(g) - 6.9, sugar(g) - 0.00

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