Baked Ragi Chips

Baked Ragi Chips

₹70 ₹90

Complete health snack for
all age.


Yummy Crunchy Baked Ragi Chips, Ragi is wonder grain, a rich source of fibre and high protein content. Pleases your taste buds and provides benefits for your health at same time.


1.Perfect for growth of children.
2.Ragi is best for weight control.
3. Good source of calcium.
4. Best for diabectic People.

Ragi flour,tapioca starch,veg edible oil,red chilli,iodised salt & selected spices.

Nutritional values(per 100gm):
Energy(kcal)- 424,carbohydrates(g)- 78.12, fat(g)- 8.67, protien(g)-6.2,sugar(g) - 0.00

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