Baked Bhakarwadi

Baked Bhakarwadi


A best tea-time snacking


what a delightful creation ? Baked Bhakarwadi , the small baked bhakarwadi are so crunchy & delicious Now you can indulge in your favourite snack any time because the baked bhakarwadi is healthy & super tasty.


1. Baked instead of deep - fried.
2. Low calories.

Wheat flour,gram flour,veg edible oil,sesame seeds, black salt, green chilly, sugar, coriander powder, dry mango, asofoetida.

Nutritional value(per 100gm)
Energy(kcal)-531, carbohydrates(g) - 54,fat(g) - 30, protein(g) - 10.3, sugar(g) - 8.3

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