Gold Kismis


This tiny wonder is great
energy booster.

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This tiny wonder is packed with energy, rich in fiber, iron, B complex vitamins, and minerals.


1. Great for anemia.
2. Great energy booster.
3. Decrease likelihood of Cavities & Gum Disease.
4. Helpful in relieving bacterial infections and fever caused by viruses.
5. Help in bone formation and calcium absorption.

Nutritional Values :
Per(100g),Calories-568,Protein-21.35g,Total Fat-45.97g,Saturated Fat-5.56g,Poly unsaturated Fat-13.90g,Mono Unsaturated Fat-24.22g,Cholesterol-0.0mg,Sodium-405mg,Potassium-1042mg.Total Carbohydrates-26.78g,Dietary Fiber-10.30g.

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