Multi grain cheese garlic puff

Multi grain cheese garlic puff


cool crunchies -healthy
multi grain cheese garlic



Multigrain means that there is not just one type of grain, but many different grains. A healthy, puff snack with multigrain seasoned with cheese garlic flavour


- High fibre.
- Energy booster.
- Support healthy digestion.
- Reduce your risk of obesity.
- Gluten free

corn grits,rice grits,jowar flour,edible veg oil,quinao,oats, gramgrits,potatoflakes, cheese powder,garlic,onion,mixed herbs,flavour enhancer,oleoresin paprika, spices & condiments.

Nutritional value (per 100gm):
Energy- 444.23,total carbohydrate-73.22g,sugars-3.32,protien-8.52g,total fat-13.03g,saturated fat-5.76g,monounsaturates-5.40g,polyunsaturates-1.87g,fibre-0.42g,trans fatty acid- 0.00g, cholesterol-0.00mg

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