Gud Chana

Filled with protein & antioxidants, Gur Chana is a healthy solution to your sweet cravings.


Delicious little things over to you. "Gur chana" is the ideal post-workout snack as it helps increase the body’s energy levels. We bring you a healthy dessert that you can relish absolutely guilt-free. Filled with iron, these crunchy snacks are packed with taste, health and nutrition you need in your diet.

1.Chana is a powerhouse of protein and is good for bones. 2.Gur is a good source of essential carbohydrates, which improves digestion. 3.Contains iron, which improves the menstrual cycle. 4.Good for pregnancy. Nutritional Values : Per100g- Energy(kcal)-328, carbohydrates(g) -72.4,fat(g) -0.9, protein(g) - 7.9, Tranfat-0.0

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