Blue Berry

Blue Berry


The king of antioxidant

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“Blueberries” the king of antioxidant foods offers a good nutritional profile. They are typically high in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant.


1. Low in calorie and high in fiber.
2. Help fight cancer.
3. Protect against heart diseases and control blood pressure.
4. Maintain Brain Function and Improve Memory.

Nutritional values : 
Per100g,Calories- 81Kcl,Total fat-0g,Saturated Fat-0g,Cholesterol-0mg,Sodium-1mg,Carbohydrate-22g,DietaryFiber-2g,Sugars-20g,Protein-0g,
Vitamin K-22%,Vitamin C-2%,Manganese-13%,copper-2%

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