Masala Amla


Masala Amla


Tiny and tart, these
Masala Amla offer plenty
of nutritional value


Amla contains many nutrients, it is abundant with Vitamin C and is beneficial for our body no matter in what form it is eaten.


1. Rich in vitamin C
2. Accelerates hair growth
3. Rich source of natural nutrients
4. It benifits the heart, skin eyes stomach and helps in maintaining the overall health of the body

Nutrition Values:

Energy-54 cal, protein 0.1g, carbohydrates 13.3g, fiber 0.6g, fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg, calcium-8.3mg, Iron-0.2mg, magnesium-3.3 mg, phosphorus- 0mg, Sodium-0.8mg, potassium-37.5mg, zinc-0mg, vitamin A- 1.5mcg, vitamin C- 100mg, Vitamin B9- 0.1mcg

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