Instant Quinoa Dalia MIX (READY TO COOK)

Instant Quinoa Dalia MIX (READY TO COOK)


Quinoa and dalia are both
superfoods, and are
considered as a great
breakfast staples

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Name : Hari

Review : Once I tried it and I liked it.


If you’ve been wondering what’s better for breakfast—dalia or quinoa—then it’s time to go for quinoa dalia 


1. High in Dietary Fibre.
2. It Strengthens Bones.
3.  Helps in weight loss.
4. Helps in maintaining blood sugar level

Yellow Mong Daal, Red chilly, Cumin seeds, Red chilly Powder, Turmeric powder, Carrot , Beans, Hing, Green Chilly Powder, Ginger Powder, Salt, Green Coriander leaves.

Nutritional Values:
Energy-411Kcal, Carbohydrates-49.61g, Dietary Fibre-4.40g, Fat-19.5g & Protein-9.4g 

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