Baked Jowar Chips (Millet sorghum)

Baked Jowar Chips (Millet sorghum)


Now make your snacky-time
more healthier with jowar

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It is associated with lower levels of bad LDL cholesterol, protecting the body against onset of cardiovascular diseases


1. Gluten Free
2. contains excellent Fiber content
3. Rich in Anti-oxidant 
4. Helps in Diabetes Control
5. Rich source of Vitamin-B

Jawar flour, urad-daal, Tapioca, oil(sprayed to induce flavour) ,salt and spiced 

Nutrition Value:
Energy-334.13kcal, protein-1g, fat-1.7g, carbohydrates-18.6g, fiber-3.7g, Potassium-74mg

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