Dry Fruits Combo Pack

Dry Fruits Combo Pack

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Healthy miracle combo
nuts for your brain to
keep yourself Healthy and

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Healthy Dry fruits Combo consists of:

1) cashew Medium 200 gm

2) Regular Almond 200 gm

3) Anjeer-Medium 250 gm

4) Pista Salted 200 gm

5) Walnut giri 250 gm

6) Gold Kismis 200gm


This Dry-fruits combo pack helps to keep our blood vessels, nerves, bones, and the immune system healthy. And also helps in weight loss
 Boost fertility and reproductive health. Improves bone health and prevents kidney stones.
Increases the amount of hemoglobin
Decrease likelihood of Cavities & Gum Disease.
Also Helpful in relieving bacterial infections and fever caused by viruses.

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