Muskmelon Seeds

Muskmelon Seeds

Rich in protein, Protects From Diabetes, strengthens bones and good for heart


Enriched with protein, vitamins and fiber these seeds (also known as magaj) have impressive benefits.

Health Benefits Of Muskmelon Seeds:


  •  Act as a good deworming agent in the intestinal tract.
  •  Aids diabetes and regulates insulin secretion.
  •  Helpful in acidity and constipation.
  •  Eliminate excess phlegm from the body and aid in relieving congestion.
  •  Help sharpen eye sight as well as reduce the risk of developing cataracts.
  • Rich in Potassium which helps in reducing the blood pressure
  • Good Source of Vitamin-C


  • Muskmelon Seeds


           Nutritional values : Per100g

Energy 34Kcl
total carbohydrate 8.16g
sugar 7.86g
protien 0.34g
total fat 0.19g
Dietary fibre 0.9g
Calcium 9mg
Megnesium 12mg
Phosphorus 15mg
Sodium 16mg
Vitamin A 169ug
Manganese 0.41mg
Potassium 267mg
Zinc 0.18mg


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