Muskmelon Seeds

Muskmelon Seeds


Rich in protein, Protects
From Diabetes,
strengthens bones and
good for heart

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Enriched with protein, vitamins and fiber these seeds (also known as magaj) have impressive benefits.


1. Act as a good deworming agent in the intestinal tract.
2. Aids diabetes and regulates insulin secretion.
4. Helpful in acidity and constipation.
5. Eliminate excess phlegm from the body and aid in relieving congestion.

Nutritional values :
Per100g,Energy-34Kcl,total carbohydrate-8.16g,sugar-7.86g,protien-0.34g,total fat-0.19g,Dietary fibre-0.9g,Calcium-9mg,Megnesium-12mg,Phosphorus-15mg,Sodium-16mg,Vitamin A-169ug,Manganese-0.41mg,Potassium-267mg,Zinc-0.18mg.

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