Apricot Turkle

Apricot Turkle


Seedless apricots loved
by kids.


These seedless apricots are processed to keep them fresh and soft for longer time. Excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, dietary fiber and potassium. These can be easily chewed by kids.


1. Strengthens bones and preserves nerve function.
2. Prevents anemia and improves immunity.
3. Strengthens optic nerves of eyes and protect from macular degeneration.
4. Make skin youthful, healthy and delay the appearance of ageing on face.

Nutritional Values :
Per(100g),Energy-323Kcl,Protein-3.3g,Fat-0.68g,Saturated fatty acids-0.18g,Carbohydrates-74g,Sugar-63g,Dietary Fiber-2.5g.

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