Nutri Balls (Dry Fruit Laddu)


Without Ghee and sugar

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Without ghee and sugars, these dry fruit ladoos are made with dates and dry fruits.


1. Rich in Iron and protein.
2. Improves immunity.
3. Good for bones.
4. Helps improving memory.
5. Helps relieving constipation.

Ingredients - Almond, kaju, walnut, pista, dry coconut, poppy seed and dates.

Nutritional values- Calories- 441
Energy- 115kcal,Total Fat- 45gm,
Saturated Fat- 11gm,Poly unSaturated Fat- 7gm,Mono unSaturated Fat- 5gm,Cholesterol- 0mg,Calcium- 12mg,Sodium - 11mg,Potassium-157mg, Magnesium-10mg,Carbohydrate-28gm,DietaryFiber-9gm,Sugars-4	gm,Protein-14gm,Vitamin D-0%
Vitamin C-0%,Vitamin A- 0%, Iron- 13%,Vitamin B6-2	%,Trans Fat- 0gm.

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