Mix Dry Fruits

Mix Dry Fruits


Dry fruit mixture


Ready to eat mixture of walnut,cashew,almond and kismis.


1. Boosts immunity
2. Controls Blood pressure
3. Improves memory power
4. Controls cholesterol level.
5. High in fiber
6. Improves heart health

Ingredients- Cashew,Almond,Anjeer,walnut and kismis.

Nutrition Values- Per 100g, Calories- 471
Energy- 54kcal,Total Fat- 41gm,
Saturated Fat- 4gm,Poly unSaturated Fat- 13gm,Mono unSaturated Fat- 11gm,Cholesterol- 0mg,Calcium- 65%,Sodium - 84mg,Potassium-428mg,Carbohydrate-31gm,DietaryFiber-12gm,Sugars-2gm,Protein-15gm,Iron- 16%.

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