Pecan Nut

Pecan Nut


Highest fat nuts loaded
with antioxidants.

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Similiar in looks with Walnut,Pecan nuts are loaded with antioxidants and plant based compounds.


1. Boosts Metabolism
2. Help reduce heart disease and controls blood pressure.
3. Rich in Antioxidants.
4. Reduce the risk of chronic disease.
Nutritional Values :
Per(100g),Calories- 690,Total fat-72g,Saturated Fat-6g,Polyunsaturated Fat-22g,Monounsaturated Fat-41g,,Cholesterol-0mg,Sodium-0mg,Potassium-410mg,Carbohydrate-14g,DietaryFiber-10g,Sugars-4g,Protein-9g,Vitamin-A(1%),Vitamin-C(1%),Calcium(7%),Iron(13%),Vitamin-D(0%),Vitamin-B6(10%), Magnesium(30%).

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