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Makhana Pudina

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Get Nutrition Filled Kids’Snacks at Healthy Master

Kids are fond of eating a variety of food items all day long. Whenever they feel hungry, they require something different than before. It can be very difficult for the mothers to give a different variety of snacks that are nutritious at the same time. So,Healthy Master has come up with a wide variety of kids’ healthy snacks, which they will love to have.

Let's have a look at the variety of healthy snacks for kids available at Health Master.

  • Cranberry Slice: This is one of the healthiest snacks given to kids as well as adults. These are naturally dried cranberries that have plenty of nutritious value. It has a huge amount of vitamin C and K, which is good for healthy blood clotting.
  • Jumbo Cashews: Almost every kid like to eat different types of nuts, especially Cashews. Healthy Master comes up with the Jumbo Cashews, which are full of good nutrients required by the body. It is one of the best snacks for children as it is good for the health of the eyes. It will also help in maintaining a good immune system.
  • Makhana Cheese: Makhna, also known as Fox nuts, are known for their calcium content. The combination of Makhana with cheese will surely be liked by the children. This is one of the most affordable roasted makhana varieties that you will ever get online. It is great for weight loss and also helps in building the health of bones and teeth.
  • Co-Co Vanilla Cream Fills: Every kid's favourite is chocolate and vanilla. So Healthy Master has come up with the healthy option of snack, i.e., Co-Co vanilla cream fills. It is made from the extract of natural cocoa and vanilla. It is high on fire and other nutrition that is great for the children's growth.
  • Multi Millets Almond Chocolate Granola: To start with your kid's day, you can give this granola as it has millets, almonds, and even chocolates in it. Everything present in this is 100% natural and full of nutritious values. It is one of the healthier options than all other breakfast cereals.
  • Pan Chocolate: Kids can never say no to chocolates, so Healthy Master has come up with the pan chocolate that is kids’ healthy snack. It will not only love my children but people of all ages. It will help lowers blood pressure and stimulates the production of endorphins.
  • Cheezopino Protein rings: It is one of the healthiest snack options given to children. This is gluten-free and rich in many nutrients like iron, copper, magnesium, calcium, etc. It is a great combination of savoury and sweet flavours that is liked by all people.

How to buy kids snacks from Healthy Master?

The list of healthy snacks for kids is never-ending with Healthy Master. It includes snacks like Millet snacks Tomato, Blackberry, Makhana Cream and Onion, Makhana Herbs, pudina, and tangy tomato, Choco Cream Fills, Millet Snacks Pudina, Almond Rose, Blueberry Almond, Cashew Herbs, Roasted Pumpkins, Apricot Turkle, Date Jalijara, Millet Noodles, Dry fruits laddu, Pearl Cookies, Millet Balls Cheddar Cheese, baked Ragi Chips, Badam Crunch Chocolates, different types of khakhra and many more. To get any of them, you can place an order for the snacks for childrenright here at Healthy Master.



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