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Buy Jain Foods online at Healthy Master

Jain food is a pure veg food. It is tasty and healthy. It is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. While buying jain food online you must be very careful with the ingredients used in the food and their nutritional composition. At Healthymaster, jain food and snacks are of top quality keeping the traditions and jain rules in mind. You can order them from healthymaster’s website and they will be available at your doorstep. The prices offered by healthymaster are affordable and the quality of food is excellent. So what are you waiting for? Go explore the website now!!

What food do jain eat 

Jain food is lacto-vegetarian, meaning that Jain eat dairy products but not egg and meat. They also avoid root vegetables such as potato, onion, radish etc. This is because they believe in non-violence and eating these vegetables will require for the plant to be uprooted. This will result in its death. Some of the popular jain snacks and food are: 

  • Quinoa cookies and biscuits
  • Millet snacks chatpata
  • Millet snacks tomato
  • Makhana

If you are looking to buy these popular healthy and nutritious snacks online, do visit healthymaster.in

What food is avoided in jain

Jains are strict vegetarians. They follow the principles of ahimsa and non-violence. That is why they avoid eating any food that can cause harm to living beings be it animals or plants. You would be surprised to know they even avoid eating root vegetables such as potato, onion and radish since they have to be uprooted which results in the plant dying. Other than this they strictly avoid meat and do not even touch the utensils in which the meat is cooked. They avoid alcohol at all costs. Some other foods that they avoid are - Mushrooms and yeast, Honey, and Dairy products

What are the Best jain food available online

Jain food is healthy and rich in nutrients required by your body. Some of the jain foods that are available online are - 

  1. Upma
  2. Kadhi Pakoda
  3. Dhokla
  4. Ragi Idli

If you are looking for healthy and nutritious jain snacks then visit healthymaster’s website There you will find a variety of options all made naturally. Some of these are - 

  • Almonds
  • Quinoa cookies and biscuits
  • Millet snacks chatpata
  • Millet snacks tomato
  • Makhana and many more. 

Just add your favorite snack to the cart and it will be delivered to your door. Always remember that whenever you buy food online ensure that it is of highest quality.

Why Healthy master is the best platform for jain food

Healthy master is a trustworthy and well known snack provider in India. They know that eating healthy can be difficult especially when our taste buds keep inviting junk food. Hence they have found a robust platform to make a small switch and incorporate healthy tasty alternatives in your lifestyle. They have a wide range of collections for Jain food and snacks. All of these are made keeping in mind the principles followed by Jain people making them jain certified. If you are looking for a perfect blend of healthy and tasty snacks then don’t miss out on healthymaster.