Oats Coin Khakhra - Gluten Free

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Methi Khakhra - Whole Wheat

Perfect healthy and tasty roasted methi khakhra co...


Jeera Khakhra - Whole Wheat

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Achari Khakhra - Whole Wheat

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Quinoa Coin Khakhra - Gluten Free


Quinoa Coin Khakhra - Gluten Free

Perfect Healthy & Tasty roasted quinoa Khakhara fo...


Buy the Best Variety Of Khakhras at Healthy Master

Khakhra is one of the snack options you can find in Indian homes. Suppose you are one of them that like eating them but in a healthier way. So Healthy Master has come up with a different range of Khakhras matching the different tastes of people, i.e., spicy, tangy way, gluten-free and more. You can easily get all the flavours of khakhra online at Healthy Master

Let’s take a look-

  • Quinoa Coin Khakhra: Experts have stated that Quinoa coin khakhra is a great alternative to the wheat khakhra. More health-conscious people can switch to these khakhras as they are roasted and gluten-free. These are very crispy and tasty, and there are no extra preservatives added to them. It is high in dietary fibre and helps strengthen bones. Even it also helps in maintaining the blood sugar level.
  • Oat Coin Khakhra: Healthy master also has this option for people that want to have roasted and gluten-free options for khakhra. It has all the healthy carbs and is rich in proteins, and acts as the best savoury snack that will be a great option for mid-night cravings. It contains powerful soluble fibre that will help in weight loss. Even it will help in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. So buy khakhra online from the Healthy Master website.
  • Methi Khakhra: It is a healthy smack that is given a unique Indian twist. These are flaky and crispy crackers that people of all ages will love as an evening snack. These khakhras are made from whole wheat along with methi and spices. These khakhras are excellent snacks as they are low in calories. It acts as a great source of iron, vitamin K, and phosphorus. So place the order khakhra online with Healthy Master.
  • Jeera Khakhra: These are whole wheat khakhras with jeera and spices with it. It is one of the yummiest and nutritious evening snacks. Even it is high in dietary fibre that makes it easy to digest. The richness of nutritious savoury dishes can become a great combination that makes it more appetizing. Jeera present in this has all the medicinal properties that are great for the health and also relieve indigestion. So better get your hands on khakhra online at the Healthy Master website and order it for you and your family. 
  • Achari Khakhra: It is one of the yummiest and nutritious snacks containing no added preservatives. These are made from whole wheat that adds more value to the dietary fibre. This is a savoury dish with a nice combination of spices. It is low in calories and rich in the content of iron and vitamin B9.

Trust Healthy Master for the Quality

Without any doubt, it is right to say that any person can completely trust Healthy Master for the quality offered. It is very easy to buy khakhra online at the Healthy Master. The team of Healthy Master is working continuously to provide the best snack options to their consumers. With the utmost ease, order khakhra online with Healthy Master. 


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