Dates Ajwa

Dates Ajwa

Ajwa Dates are iron rich,luscious and fruity date from paradise.


A mouth-watering, sweet-tasting fruit that contains a wonderful balance of fat, sugar, calcium, and iron. Dates can be eaten as they are or added to recipes to provide a creamy texture. Dates Ajwa is a naturally nutritious, healthy snack full of valuable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Soft and delicious, Dates Ajwa will remind you of the true taste of Arabia. Get ajwa dates online india from Healthy Master.

Dates are nutrient-rich, fulfilling, and versatile fruit capable of enriching a wide range of cuisines. Dates have been proven to provide numerous health benefits and boost the quality of life for the elderly.  A good source of potassium and iron dates also contains beta carotene and B complex vitamins. Dates are also known to be beneficial for brain cognition because of the presence of phenylalanine. It balances the blood sugar level, is good for your heart, cleanses your system, and is a general health booster. As a sweetener in drinks and desserts, ajwa dates nutrition is known to help regulate your blood sugar levels. Apart from these benefits, Dates Ajwa is an ideal food for babies; useful for prenatal care of pregnant women too. Get the best quality dates in India from the healthy master.


Good for
Good for

Health Benefits Of Dates Ajwa:


  •  Supports healthy vision and prevents cataracts.
  •  Prevents constipation.
  •  Cure anemia.
  •  Ideal for weight-conscious and diabetic people.
  •  Beneficial for heart health and immunity.
  •  Ajwa dates also help in preventing abdominal cancer 
  •  Help keep your eyes healthy
  •  Ajwa Date also regulates your blood pressure 
Good for
Good for



  • Dates ajwa


  Nutritional Values: Per100g

Energy 285Kcal
Total Fat 0.54g
Cholesterol 0mg
Carbohydrate 63g
Dietary Fiber 1.64g
Protein 1.6g


1)What is the storage and Shelf life of Ajwa Dates?

Once it is opened pack it in an airtight container and refrigerate to store for a longer time up to 6 months

2)How many Ajwa Dates can be eaten a day?

1 or 2

3)Can Diabetics consume Ajwa Dates?

Yes, 1 to 2 date can be taken.

4)What is the best time and how dates can be consumed?

Soak dates overnight and the best time to eat them is morning on an empty stomach. It can be included in Milkshakes to gain strength and increase hemoglobin

5)How about the sugar content in Ajwa Dates?

It has moderate sweetness and is advisable for all age groups

6)Any extra sugar added?


7)Is this a black date?

YES, Black and round in shape

8)Does it contains seed?



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Very tasty and filling



It is so tasty! Worth buying it.


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They are awesome and tasty.


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Very good in taste.


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Quality healthy product. Good taste.


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Amazing, Never expected healthy can taste so good.


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Very healthy and tasty

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Dates Ajwa

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