Dry Fruits Laddu

Healthy Master is an initiative to promote healthy living and longevity. Our dry fruits laddu...
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Healthy Master is an initiative to promote healthy living and longevity. Our dry fruits laddu offers a sweet taste with the goodness of dry fruits. The dates used in this dry fruits Laddu act as edible gum, making it very crunchy. Just one bite will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Healthy Master’s dry fruits laddu is a healthy laddu made with only dried fruits and without any sugar or ghee. This laddu contains coarsely grounded dates that act as gum and give a little sweetness to the laddu. Buy Dry Fruits Laddu from the healthy master.

Dry Fruits Laddu online is a concentrated natural source of energy, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It is not only tasty and satisfying, but it also increases your body's resistance to infection, retains moisture in body tissue, and reduces toxicity from the liver. Most important thing is that dry fruits are the second best gift you can give to your loved ones. Get Dry Fruits Laddu at Best Price India.



Health Benefits of Dry Fruits Laddu:

  • Rich in Iron and protein. 
  • Improves immunity. 
  • Good for bones. 
  • Helps improving memory.
  • Helps relieving constipation.
  • Reduces the risk of heart
  • The iron content is good for cardiovascular health.
  • Help in strengthening ones and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Healthy diet for weight loss.


  • almond
  • cashew
  • walnut
  • Pista
  • dry coconut
  • poppy seed and dates.


Nutritional values- Per100g

Calories 441
Energy 115kcal
Total Fat 45gm
Saturated Fat 11gm
Poly-unSaturated Fat 7gm
Mono unSaturated Fat 5gm
Cholesterol 0mg
Calcium 12mg
Sodium 11mg
Potassium 157mg
Magnesium 10mg
Carbohydrate 28gm
dietary fiber 9gm
Sugar 4 gm
Protein 14gm
Vitamin D 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Vitamin A 0%
Iron 13%,
Vitamin B6 2%
Trans Fat 0gm

Customer Reviews

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1)What is the storage and shelf life of Dry Fruits Laddu?

It can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator and the shelf life is 4months

2)What is special about Healthy Master's Dry Fruits Laddu?

It is natural without any preservatives without added sugar or Jaggery.

3)What are the main ingredients used?

Pista, Dates, Cashew, Almonds, poppy seeds, and dry coconut. Dry coconut can be optional based on customer requirements.

4)How many pieces will be there for 250gm?

6 to 7 pieces

5)Is that ready-made and packed?

No, It is freshly made based on the customer order


6)Can this be given to kids?

YES It is easy to digest, ideal for 1+ years kids and above & suitable for all age groups

7)Is it Diabetic Friendly?

YES, can be consumed in moderate