Makhana Mingling Combo

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Makhana Mingling Combo

Regular price ₹ 672.00
Sale price ₹ 672.00 Regular price ₹ 1,280.00
a delightful and nutritious snack that combines the purity of puffed lotus seeds with the refreshing essence of mint. Savor the light, crispy texture of Makhana, known for its low cholesterol and fat content. The invigorating touch of mint not only enhances the flavor but also brings digestive benefits to this wholesome treat. Perfect for guilt-free snacking,You can buy peri-peri flavour makhana, cream and onion flavour, pudina makhana, mornga falvour makhana to name a few. With Healthy Master, you can enjoy guilt-free munching on makhana without compromising your health.  Online Makhana Combos


<p>This Makhana combo Pack is a good source of calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, iron, and zinc.</p>
<p>It aids in digestion</p>
<p>Promotes a healthy heart</p>
<p>Boosts the immune system</p>
<p>Good for Bones and Teeth</p>
<p>Promotes Weight Loss</p>


<p><strong>This healthy makhana combo consists of:</strong></p>
<p>1) Makhana Peri Peri - 80 gm</p>
<p>2) Makhana Cream &amp; Onion - 80 gm&nbsp;</p>
<p>3) Makhana Pudina - 80 gm</p>
<p>4) Makhana Herbs - 80 gm</p>


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<p><strong>Q.1 Is it Diabetic Friendly ?</strong><br />ANS. YES these products are diabetic friendly
<p><strong>Q.2 Are all these snacks are healthy ?</strong><br />ANS. YES they are actually super healthy .<br /><strong>Q.3 Are these snacks is perfect for all age group?</strong><br />Ans. yes .these snacks consist of choco fills for kids,grandmas hand made laddu,moms seeds mix,papas millet mixture,grandpa ka khakara ,aunty ka makhana and&nbsp;many&nbsp;more...</p><br /><strong>Q.4 Is Pan India Shipping Free?</strong><br />Ans. yes .All products which is above 699 is free shipping </p><br /><strong>Q.5 Is the snacks Customizable?</strong><br />Ans. yes .All products can be customizable according your requirements Kindly contact our support no for more details 9742180904</p>

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
superb packaging

superb mindblowing packaging..

easy on time delivery

Easy on time delivery with healthy master in just one click and product is delivered at home

renuka devi
worth for money

completely money worth item.perfectly roasted ,seasond,carry perfect crunch and eye soothing texture.

Radha devi
preservative free

This makhana mingling combo is free from all preservative and very tasty also ..really I loved it.

full of healthy things

that peri peri flavour is just paradise