Vegan Snacks Combo

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Vegan Snacks Combo

Regular price ₹ 2,067.00
Sale price ₹ 2,067.00 Regular price ₹ 2,360.00

Indulge in our Vegan Snacks Combo – a diverse collection of delectable plant-based treats designed to tantalize your taste buds. From crunchy Baked Ragi and Palak Chips to the earthy charm of Multi-Millet Ajwain Cookies, each bite is a fusion of flavor and nutrition. The combo also includes savory Millet Snacks, refreshing Makhana Pudina, spicy Wheat Puff Masala, sweet and salty Gud Chana, and wholesome Ragi Beetroot Khakhra. Discover the joy of guilt-free snacking with this thoughtfully curated selection. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a mindful, compassionate, and delicious snacking experience.

these snacks offer a combination of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them suitable for satisfying hunger between meals while providing essential nutrients.


<br /> - Ragi (finger millet) is rich in calcium, iron, and dietary fiber, making it beneficial for bone health and digestion. <br />
<br /> - Beetroot adds a vibrant color and is packed with essential nutrients, including folate, potassium, and antioxidants. <br />
<br /> - Made from wheat, this snack is likely to be high in fiber, providing a feeling of fullness and aiding digestion. <br />
<br /> - Makhana (lotus seeds) are low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium and are a good source of protein, calcium, and other minerals. <br />
<br /> Chickpeas are rich in protein, fiber, and several vitamins and minerals, promoting satiety and supporting muscle health. <br />


<p><b>This combo consists of&nbsp;</b></p>
<p>Baked Ragi Chips - 100 gm<br />Baked Palak Chips - 100 gm<br />Multi- Millet Ajwain Cookies - 120 gm<br />Millet Snacks Tomato - 150 gm<br />Makhana Pudina - 120 gm<br />Wheat Puff Masala - 150 gm<br />Gud Chana - 250 gm<br />Ragi Beetroot Khakhra - 150 gm</p>


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<p><strong>Q.1 Is it Diabetic Friendly ?</strong><br />ANS. YES these products are diabetic friendly
<p><strong>Q.2 Are all these snacks are healthy ?</strong><br />ANS. YES they are actually super healthy .<br /><strong>Q.3 Are these snacks is perfect for all age group?</strong><br />Ans. yes .these snacks consist of choco fills for kids,grandmas hand made laddu,moms seeds mix,papas millet mixture,grandpa ka khakara ,aunty ka makhana and&nbsp;many&nbsp;more...</p><br /><strong>Q.4 Is Pan India Shipping Free?</strong><br />Ans. yes .All products which is above 699 is free shipping </p><br /><strong>Q.5 Is the snacks Customizable?</strong><br />Ans. yes .All products can be customizable according your requirements Kindly contact our support no for more details 9742180904</p>

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
shikha rai
Preservative Free

This combo is free from all preservatives and artificial flavouring agents

Cash on Delivery

Thanku healthy master for cod now my maid can also order it for my healthy snacks pantry refilling wen I m out

kinya devi @ pinu
Easy to carry

This combo items are very easy to carry on travel,lunch box for small break.

chand mundari@geeta
Great taste with convenient packaging

This combos taste is super and have very attractive packaging.

perfectly Satisfying combo

This vegan munching combo is perfect for those who are looking for a healthy and satisfying snack