Chironji dry fruit benefits; why you must add it to your diet

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“What are Chironji Dry fruit and what kind of benefits can a person enjoy by making it a part of their daily diet?”

Everyone has their favorite dry fruit whether they are almonds or pistachios, the dry fruits family is quite big, and among them is “Chironji” popularly known as “Charoli” in the Indian Subcontinent. Harboring a crunchy and nutty taste, these edibles not only present themselves as a great snacking option but also can be used to garnish & enhance the taste of various sweet dishes.

The nutrition profile of Chironji dry fruit is also much different in comparison to its nut family, and adding them to your diet brings a lot of benefits that help you keep your body healthy and strong with a strong defense mechanism.

Let us discuss the various properties of Chironji Dry Fruit in detail:

What are Chironji dry fruit, their uses, history, and where do they come from?

Chironji is a nutty seed derived from a plant called Buchanania Lanzan that grows in the tropical regions of India. Although India is the largest producer of Chironji dry fruits, the Chironji trees are also native to countries located on the tropical equator like Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, and many more.

Chironji dry fruit stands out from other dry fruits due to its sweet and salty taste that feels crunchy on the bite. Known as “chiroha” all over India, the uses of chironji are really broad, you can either eat them as a part of your daily snacks due to their delicious taste. But even more, they are used as a substitute for almonds to be used to enhance the flavor and taste of various Indian cuisine. It is widely used to garnish and make Indian sweet dishes like - Kheer and Halwa even more flavorful and delicious during the festive times of Diwali, Holi, etc.

Chironji has a special place etched in Indian history in the form of Ayurvedic books where it is written about being used as a vital ingredient to make medicines to treat various diseases like cough, fever, jaundice, breathing difficulties, heart problems, etc. The health benefits of Chironji go without saying that it has labeled itself as one of the best dry fruits that everyone should add to their diet to treat various ailments and keep their body strong and healthy.

Nutritional Value of Chironji dry fruit


Value per 10 g

% of RDA




Calories from fat



Total fat

5.91 g



1 mg



11 mg


Total carbohydrates

1.12 g


Dietary fiber

380 mg



1.9 g



27.9 mg



0.85 mg



12 mg



53 mg



0.3 mg


Vitamin A

0.5 mg



0.04 mg



0.02 mg



0.15 mg


Vitamin B6

0.03 mg


Let us explain in detail the various health benefits of Chironji:

Besides the regular health benefits that one can receive with the consumption of Chironji, there are plenty of other benefits that can only be enjoyed while eating chironji. Let’s discuss each Chironji benefit in detail:

1) Perfectly used as a coolant during summers

The cuisine use of chironji in Indian cuisine is pretty broad from sweet dishes to dosa or idli but Chironjis is known for having coolant properties that can be well implemented in cool sweet dishes like kheer or other festive sweets. Chironji can easily reduce the body heat of a person and cool it down from the inside, making you feel fresh and cool during the scorching heat in summer.

2) Chironji help in weight loss

Dry fruits are widely known as edibles that can help you feel full for a long period of time and aid in weight loss if eaten in small proportions. What makes chironjis stand out from other dry fruits is that they are relatively low in calories in comparison! Among the dry fruits family, chironjis contain the least amount of calories which makes them the best choice of dry fruits to be used for losing weight! Still, you may notice that the fat content in chironji is quite high compared to almonds, but these fats are monounsaturated fatty acids that are essential for the human body so don’t need to stress about gaining weight by munching on chironjis.

3) Chironji can be used as a perfect snack replacement for children

Getting children to eat healthily could prove to be quite a pain. As a parent you want them to receive the essential nutrients for their better growth from a relatively early age but it is hard to keep them away from sweet or salty junk food that is unhealthy for their body. This is where you can easily use chironji as a form of daily snack to improve your child’s eating habits and switch towards a healthier scale. The delicious sweet and salty taste of chironji is sure to delight them with their crunchy edible tendencies. You can also use chironji to garnish a healthy meal like oatmeal or dalia to improve their taste so your children can lean towards eating something which is not traditionally tasty to eat.

4) Improve reproductive health and boost sexual performance

Another major thing that makes chironjis stand out from their dry fruits family is that these nutty delicacies have aphrodisiac properties that are very helpful in increasing sexual libido and improving reproductive health. Chironjis are known as “mood edibles” that are known for improving not only the physical performance of a being but also their mental state, making them feel more confident in their performance. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that chironji is used as a vital ingredient to treat sexual problems like impotency, loss of libido, and premature ejaculation.

5) Chironji gives you clear skin and reduces the effects of aging

The cosmetic benefits of eating and using chironji as an ingredient in various ayurvedic products for skin-care routine is remarkable. With its anti-inflammatory properties and making your body cooler from the inside, eating chironji can help you fend off acne and pimples. Chironji is also beneficial in repairing skin from hyperpigmentation that occurs due to sun exposure, along with white and black head skin cells thus giving your face a clear and smooth texture throughout.

6) Improves digestion and promotes gut health

The high-fiber content in Chironji along with anti-inflammatory properties helps in improving and soothing the digestion process that directly promotes an overall healthy gut system. With additional astringent properties, chironji can help in regularizing smoother bowel movements. Most dry fruits could cause a case of stomach diseases like diarrhea but chironji stands out from them as on the contrary, Chironji is beneficial in treating cases of diarrhea along with other cases of stomach infections.

Among the other various cases that could occur due to stomach irregularities are mouth ulcers or interior wounds that can be easily healed with the consumption of chironjis in your daily diet.

7) Chironji is the perfect dry fruit to eat during winter

In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that Chironji is a vital ingredient in treating the infections that come with cold weather like common cold, rashes, nasal congestion, sore throat, etc. Eating chironji along with using it as an oil can be beneficial in clearing out the mucus blocking your nose and give you relief from nasal congestion.

8) Chironji helps your body get over fatigue and gives you energy

If your body feels weak and fatigued after a long day of work or exercise, then munching on chironjis could help you revitalize your energy meter. Chironji carries enough calories among a handful of seeds to give you enough energy to keep you energetic all day long. By making them a part of your daily diet, chironjis can help you reduce fatigue and stress on a long-term basis.

9) Chironji cures mouth ulcers

The chironji plant has been used to treat mouth ulcers for a very long time. Its cooling property and improvement in gut health both prove effective in treating mouth ulcers.

Are there any risks or disadvantages or side-effects to eating Chironjis?

Most dry fruits, in the case of overeating, lead to gastrointestinal diseases or an increase in weight due to their high calories but that is not the case with Chironjis. Chironji dry fruit is considered to be the healthiest among their dry fruit family due to their low amount of calories or tendency to treat diseases that occur due to stomach problems.

But aside from that, overeating chironjis has its own disadvantages like loss of appetite and developing unhealthy eating habits. The other side-effects of overeating chironjis could lead to constipation or a habit of an unrestrained amount of urination.

Conclusion of benefits of Chironji dry fruits

Grown and produced in India itself, Chironjis is one of the best available dry fruits that the people of India can eat to stay healthy and use to make your dish even more flavorful and delicious. These dry fruits stand out from the other nut family due to being low on calories, improving the reproductive system, and treating stomach diseases. Eating chironjis not only provides you with an all-day long energy, and essential nutrients but also improves your overall body immunity for people across all age gaps.

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