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Foods to Eat in Diabetes

For diabetic patients, eating the right foods at the right time and having an active, healthy lifestyle are the most effective ways to manage their blood sugar levels. Since diabetes can't be cured, diabetic patients need to incorporate a diabetic diet plan that includes foods that lower blood sugar and are rich in protein and fibre. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then this informative blog will introduce you to the 10+ healthy foods to eat for diabetes. 

The Best Fruits for Diabetics

Fruits are rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamins that the body of a diabetic patient needs. The amount of sugar in the fruit and its glycemic index determine which are best fruits for diabetics. Here are the 5 fruits that you must include in your diabetic diet plan.

  1. Berries

    Berries are considered the superfoods to eat in diabetes as their antioxidant properties and fibre-rich carbohydrates don't increase the blood sugar level instantly. Moreover, they have a lower glycemic index, so they can be included in the gestational diabetes diet too.

You can incorporate blueberries, strawberries, or other berries in your prediabetes diet as they help improve insulin resistance, reducing the risk of developing diabetes in those with a diabetes history. It’s recommended to have two servings of berries in a type 2 diabetes diet. 

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  1. Oranges

    Oranges are one of the best fruits to include in a type 2 diabetes diet for more than one reason. They are not only low-glycemic foods but also rich in soluble fibre. It is important to note that you include orange fruit, not orange juice, in your diabetic meal plan. 

Oranges are rich in antioxidant vitamin C, folate, and potassium, which help control blood pressure in diabetic patients. Therefore, oranges can be a part of breakfast for diabetics. 

  1. Apple

    It is rightly said, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". The same holds for diabetic patients. Apples are one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics because they have a low glycemic index of 39. 
  2. Peaches

    Peaches are the next fruit to be on our list of the 5 best fruits for diabetics. Eating fresh peaches keeps the blood sugar level under control, as their GI ranking is 28. 


The low glycemic index and high concentration of fibre in peaches make them an important fruit in the prediabetes diet.

  1. Pears

    Another good fruit for diabetics is pears, as they have a low glycemic index of 41. Therefore, eating pears doesn't increase your blood sugar level instantly. 

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Diabetic Health Note: Mango, papaya, banana, pineapple, and watermelon are certain fruits for diabetics to avoid because they have a high glycemic index.  


Snacks for diabetics

Who says that diabetic patients can't enjoy snacks? Healthy Master offers a wide range of diabetes-friendly snacks that are baked and don't contain maida or preservatives. Here is a list of the 5 best snacks for diabetics patients.

  1. Baked Quinoa Chips

    Baked snacks like quinoa chips can be included in the type 2 diabetes food list because quinoa is rich in fibre and protein. Moreover, quinoa has a glycemic index of 53, which means that the blood sugar level doesn't spike immediately. Moreover, quinoa chips at Healthy Master are baked, gluten-free, and vegan.
  2. Ragi Upma

    Ragi Upma is the best breakfast for diabetics because ragi and other millets are high in soluble fibre, minerals, and amino acids. Moreover, the low glycemic index (GI) of ragi prevents a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. 

So, if you have a family history of diabetes, adding ragi upma to your prediabetes diet will reduce the risk of diabetes. 

  1. Makhana

    Makhana is one of the best snacks for diabetics because the glycemic index (GI) of makhana is under 55; therefore, it helps manage your blood sugar levels.

Do You Know: Foods to eat in diabetes should have a medium-to-low glycemic index. A glycemic index of 55 or less is considered low.


Non-Starchy Vegetables for a Type 2 Diabetes Diet

A diabetic diet plan is incomplete without vegetables. Non-starchy vegetables are recommended because they are rich in vitamins and minerals and help regulate blood sugar.

Add the following non-starchy vegetables to your prediabetes diet plan: 

  1. Green Beans

    Green beans are one of the best foods to eat in diabetes because they have a low GI rank of 15. They are an excellent source of fibre, vitamin C, and minerals that strengthen the immune system. 
  2. Cauliflower

    Another non-starchy vegetable to include in a diabetic diet plan is cauliflower which has a low glycemic index.
  3. Broccoli

    The list of the best foods to eat in diabetes is incomplete without Broccoli. It is a superfood for diabetic patients; its GI rank is 10. Moreover, it is rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamins. 
  4. Carrot

    The glycemic index of 19 makes carrots one of the best vegetables to include in a prediabetes diet. 
  5. Asparagus

    Apart from adding flavour, Asparagus also helps manage blood sugar because it has 2 grams of dietary fibre in every serving. Moreover, it is rich in an antioxidant called glutathione, which helps regulate sugar levels and increases insulin production. 
  6. Leafy Green in the Diabetic Diet Plan

    In addition to non-starchy vegetables, leafy greens are one of the bestfoods to eat in diabetes. Leafy greens are not only rich in nutrients, but they are also lower in digestible carbs as compared to other vegetables. 

Moreover, leafy greens are an important part of the type 2 diabetes diet because they are rich in vitamin C, which helps manage diabetes in type 2 diabetes patients. Spinach and kale are the best green leafy to eat if you have diabetes.

  1. Bread for diabetics

    Diabetic patients must avoid bread that is high in trans fat, artificial colour, fructose corn syrup, and DATEM (a food emulsifier). Therefore, it is important to check the ingredient list before buying bread. 

Because of the low glycemic index, the following bread can be included in the breakfast for diabetes:

  • Whole grain bread
  • Sprouted bread
  • Organic bread 
  1. Nuts

    Nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts are the best foods to eat in diabetes because they are rich in fibre and protein. Nuts have a low glycemic index. Normally, GI ranges from 14 to 21 in nuts. Therefore, they are an important food in the type 2 diabetes diet plan. However, eating nuts in moderation is recommended by health experts. 

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The above list of the best foods to eat in diabetes will help you plan your meals for the day. Make sure that the food items that you include in your type 2 diabetes diet plan are low in GI and rich in protein and fibre at the same time. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet plan. 

Disclaimer: The information included in this blog is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional.