7 Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds (Black Seeds)

kalonji seeds benefits, uses and side effects

Kalonji seeds, known by many names like karunjeeragam seeds, black cumin seeds, and nigella seeds, are best described as a ‘seed of blessing’ because of their rich nutrition profile. Kalonji seeds are used extensively in ancient medicine for their medicinal properties.

A commonly used spice in Indian cuisines, kalonji seeds have a unique nutty-sweet flavor. Besides adding these to your dish, you can use them to boost your health as they are packed with amazing health benefits because of their nutritional profile.  

Before learning about the health benefits of kalonji, let’s first look at the nutritional profile of black cumin seeds.  

Nutritional Value of Kalonji Seeds

Kalonji seeds are a rich source of lipids, dietary fibre, protein, and carbohydrates. The seeds are also rich in crucial vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as essential minerals including calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, and potassium.

Black seeds are a powerhouse of crude fibre, amino acids, saponin, iron, sodium, calcium, and potassium. Moreover, they are rich sources of fatty acids like linolenic and oleic acid. The Nigella and Melatin content in the black seeds is known for being highly nutritive. 

Read on as we walk you through the incredible health benefits of kalonji seeds. 

7 Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

  1. Benefit of Black Seed Oil for Hair

    Premature greying of hair has become a common hair problem due to lifestyle changes. To reverse the greying of hair and prevent premature greying in the future, start applying kalonji oil to your hair. The black seed oil has a high concentration of linoleic acid, which works to keep the black pigment cells in your follicles from shrinking.

Besides preventing premature greying, the benefits of black seed oil for hair include moisturising dry hair, reversing hair damage, improving scalp health, and restricting hair fall. 

  1. Black Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

    Black seed oil (kalonji oil) is beneficial for the skin because it is anti-bacterial in nature, which may prevent acne. The antioxidants in oil neutralise free radicals in the body, thus improving the quality of your skin. Black seed oil is effective in fighting inflammation, thus leaving you with a healthy and young skin.

As black seeds have more than 100 medicinal properties and are loaded with organic acids, you must include them, in any form, in your daily skin and hair care. 

  1. Kalonji Benefits for Female

    Kalonji seed oil is a scientifically proven natural remedy for health problems related to women's reproductive health and fertility.
  • Black seed oil is beneficial for women because it possess strong anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, kalonji oil is highly effective during the menstruation stage to prevent abdominal cramps. Furthermore, the presence of thymoquinone, alkaloids, and flavonoids in black seed oil is attributed to normalising the menstrual cycle.
  • Black seed oil has long been used widely to increase fertility. According to conventional Ayurvedic medicine, kalonji seeds were a crucial component of the care given to women who had irregular menstrual cycles. Additionally, research has shown that kalonji seeds can help women with PCOS by stimulating ovarian function and ovulation.
  1. Heals Piles 

    Kalonji is an effective, fast-acting treatment for haemorrhoids, often known as piles, which cause severe discomfort in the lower abdomen. The laxative qualities of the seed give the stools more volume and relieve constipation naturally. To facilitate bowel motions, consume kalonji seeds with black tea on an empty stomach in the morning. 
  2. Lubricates Joints

    Another benefit of kalonji seeds is that they provide lubrication between the joints. The active ingredients in the seed allow for easy joint motion, which reduces inflammation. Stiffness in the joints is common in the winter. The most effective natural solution to get relief from stiffness is to apply a mixture of kalonji oil and vinegar to the joints. 
  3. Manages Cholesterol Level

    Poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy eating habits often build up the bad cholesterol level in the body. As per the study published by the National Institute of Health, regular usage of kalonji oil brings down bad cholesterol levels in the body. Furthermore, kalonji seed powder is highly effective in improving HDL, or good cholesterol, levels in the body. 
  4. Prevents Diabetes

    The list of black cumin seeds' benefits is incomplete without mentioning their important role in treating diabetes. Being a natural cure, black seeds may improve glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. According to Ayurveda, these seeds prevent a sharp rise in blood sugar levels as well as other diabetes-related symptoms like increased thirst, and weariness, to name a few. 

Regular consumption of kalonji seeds boosts the function of insulin and delays the absorption of sugar. To lower blood sugar levels, mix a quarter teaspoon of kalonji seeds into a cup of black tea and sip it on an empty stomach in the morning. 


Black seeds, which are abundant in polyunsaturated fatty acids, increase metabolism, lower cholesterol, balance insulin levels, improve blood circulation throughout the body, and support liver function. Use the super-healthy kalonji seeds every day to improve your health. For maximum health benefits, consume kalonji seeds daily on an empty stomach. You can order premium quality black kalonji seeds from Healthy Master.