Hair Care: 6 Best Seeds That Promote Hair Growth & Thickness

best seeds for hair growth and thickness

Explaining which seeds are best to eat for hair growth and thickness also know how to use these seeds for healthy hair.

Poor lifestyle, unhealthy habits, stress, tensions, and environmental factors have detrimental effects on hair. From hair loss to dandruff, from frizzy hair to dry scalp, hair problems don't discriminate between male and female, young and old.

Most of the hair growth treatments are chemical-based. As a result, they don't have long-term benefits. Additionally, they involved huge costs and efforts. Did you know you have the best hair growth treatment at home? Yes, you read it right. These home-based hair health recovery treatments involve minimal cost and effort.

We have rounded up a list of 6 natural seeds, easily available at home, that support hair growth.

6 Seeds That Nourish Your Hair Growth

For healthy and voluminous hair, your hair requires oleic acid, iron, biotin, and calcium. Do you know that seeds have a high concentration of all these nutrients, in addition to lipids, proteins, and minerals? Seeds like flaxseeds, fenugreek, and chia seeds, among others, have been used since time immemorial for a healthy scalp and nourished hair.

1. Flaxseed Benefits for Hair Growth

Are you struggling with frizzy and rough hair? If so, incorporate flaxseed gel into your hair care routine for smooth hair.

  1. Flaxseeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for hair follicles, improve blood circulation in the scalp, and prevent hair follicle inflammation that induces hair fall.
  2. Vitamin B and biotin, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, and folic acid are responsible for hair growth and stronger hair. Flaxseeds are an excellent source of all these vital nutrients.
  3. Flaxseeds are beneficial for the scalp as their omega-3 fatty acids reduce scalp inflammation.
  4. For sleek and shiny hair, incorporate flaxseeds into your haircare routine. They bind moisture to the hair shafts, thus controlling dryness.
  5. Flaxseeds play an important role in maintaining the pH levels in your hair.

How to prepare flaxseed gel at home?

It is very easy to prepare flaxseed gel at home, and the best part is that you can store the gel in the refrigerator for future use.

  1. Add the flaxseeds to the water and boil it for 10 minutes to achieve a gel-like texture.
  2. Allow the gel to cool and thicken for about an hour.
  3. Use the cloth to strain it.
  4. For a better result, you can add aloe vera gel to the flaxseed gel.
  5. At least once a week, apply this flaxseed gel to your hair for a minimum of two hours.

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2. Fenugreek Seeds Benefits for Hair Growth

Another effective seed that fights hair problems is Fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek, also known as methi seeds, is a staple in the Indian kitchen. To your surprise, it has an abundance of nutrients that fight dandruff and counter acid reflux to promote hair growth. They are known for restoring and adding shine to your hair.

  1. Fenugreek seeds contain nicotinic acid and lecithin that strengthen hair roots and contain compounds that can help strengthen hair roots and rebuild the follicles. So, whether you apply Fenugreek oil or include methi seeds directly into your diet, they are useful in promoting thick and healthy hair.
  2. As fenugreek seeds are high in potassium, they can help in the prevention of premature greying of hair.
  3. If you are experiencing dry and damaged hair, apply fenugreek oil to your hair. Fenugreek seeds act as natural conditioners, thus supplying essential nutrients to your scalp.

How to prepare Fenugreek Seeds Oil at home?

1. Combine a quarter cup of your favourite hair oil with half a teaspoon of fenugreek or methi seeds.

2. Gently massage this oil into your scalp and leave it on for at least an hour.
3. Wash your hair with regular shampoo and finish with a mild conditioner, and you will be left with soft and silky hair.

3.Chia Seeds Benefits For Hair Growth

Another seed that makes the list of 6 best seeds for hair growth is chia seeds. Also known as salba seeds, chia seeds are an excellent source of the fatty acids that help in controlling hair loss.

  1. Chia seeds are a rich source of iron, and regularly having a spoonful of chia seeds restores the iron levels in the body, promotes blood circulation in the scalp, and encourages hair growth.
  2. Chia seeds contain L-lysine and phosphorus in abundance. These two essential nutrients strengthen the hair follicles and reduce breakage.
  3. The fatty acids in chia seeds assist in preventing hair loss.

How to prepare Chia seed hair mask for shiny and healthy hair?

  1. Add one teaspoon of chia seeds, five tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and three tablespoons of organic honey.
  2. Heat the mix for 30 seconds in the microwave or stove.
  3. Apply this hair mask mixture to wet hair and leave it for 15 minutes.
  4. Wash it off with water, followed by your regular shampoo and conditioner. You will be left with dense and frizz-free hair.

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4.Sesame Seeds Benefits For Hair Growth

For the beautiful, silky andf shiny haiur, massage your scalp with the sesame seeds oil or eat sesame seeds daily in the morning. Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, B complex, calcium, magnesium, protein, and phosphorus. These nutrients play an important role in strengthening the hair roots and nourishing the hair from deep within.

  1. Sesame seeds provide essential nutrients to hair follicles, resulting in healthy hair growth.
  2. Sesame for hair aids in the healing of any hair damage caused due to hair coloring.
  3. The antibacterial properties of sesame seeds prevent any fungus or germ infection, thus fostering hair growth.

Ways to incorporate sesame seeds

  1. You can eat a tablespoon of sesame seeds daily in the morning for faster hair growth.
  2. Sesame oil, made from sesame seeds, can be used to massage the scalp.
  3. Besides, you can add sesame oil to any hair mask that you use.

5.Pumpkin Seeds For Hair Growth

Nutrients, minerals, and vitamins are abundant in pumpkin seeds. A powerhouse ingredient, pumpkin seeds are a rich source of iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, copper, zinc, and manganese. Utilizing pumpkin seeds on a regular basis can enhance the quality of hair.

  1. Pumpkin seeds have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from hair and scalp issues such as dandruff, incorporate pumpkin seeds into your diet.
  2. Pumpkin seed oil is a rich source of phytosterols. Phytosterols promote hair growth by blocking enzymes and hormones that cause hair loss.
  3. Vitamins and minerals in pumpkin seeds prevent hair thinning.
  4. If you have dry, frizzy, or coloured hair, apply pumpkin seed oil to your hair once a week or 2-3 times a month to fix the damaged hair.

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6.Fennel Seeds Benefits For Hair

From reversing hair fall to fighting scalp infections, fennel seeds or saunf are a great hack for your damaged hair.

  1. Acid, iron, copper, folate, and niacin are nutrients found in fennel seeds that aid in promoting hair development.
  2. Fennel seeds aid in the battle against oxidative stress, which prevents hair growth and causes issues like hair loss.
  3. Your hair requires a lot of protein in order to have a natural shine. However, excessive use of protein-based products might dry out your scalp by removing its natural oils. Antioxidants and antibacterial qualities in fennel seed oil prevent the natural oils on your scalp from stripping off and keep your hair moisturized and nourished.


Healthy hair not only requires a strict haircare routine but also a healthy diet that supplies essential nutrients for the nourishment of hair. From incorporating dry fruits to switching from junk food to nutrient-based snacks, a healthy diet ensures a healthy scalp, nourished hair, and strong immunity. In addition to seeds, you should incorporate dry fruits and nuts like walnuts, almonds, to name a few, into your diet for better results. At Healthy Master, your one-stop centre for your healthy snack needs, you can get dry fruits, oats, and ragi-based snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions on Seeds for Hair Growth

Which seed is best for hair growth?

Flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and fenugreek seeds are considered the best seeds for hair growth.

How do you eat seeds for hair growth?

Here are the 3 ways to incorporate seeds into your diet plan to promote hair growth:
Eat seeds in your breakfast meal.
Use them as a trail mix
Eat them as a snack.

Which nuts and seeds are good for hair growth?

Sunflower seeds and almonds are great sources of vitamin E, which boosts hair growth.

Which seeds are best for skin and hair?

Chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are considered the best for the skin and hair. They are a rich source of iron and protein—two essential nutrients for skin radiance and hair growth.

What grows hair faster?

A healthy diet rich in fibre, iron, zinc, omega-3, and protein; regular scalp massage; and a strict hair care routine help in faster hair growth.

Which vitamin is responsible for hair growth?

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is considered responsible for faster hair growth. It helps in creating RBCs, which in turn carry oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles.

Is it OK to eat sunflower seeds every day?

Eating 30 grams of sunflower every day is okay.

Can pumpkin seeds regrow hair?

If applied for 3 months continuously, pumpkin seed oil is effective in the regrowth of hair.

Which seeds are good for hairfall?

Control the hair fall problem by incorporating seeds like pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, fenugreek seeds, and sesame seeds into your diet.

How can I naturally thicken my hair naturally?

Here are the 3 natural ways to thicken your hair:
1. Apply the egg, oil, and water mixture to the hair scalp and leave it on for 15 minutes.Wash it with water and mild shampoo.
2. Massage the warm olive oil into your scalp.Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it out with water and shampoo.
3. Include seeds such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds in your daily diet.

Which vegetable is good for hair growth?

Vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, and spinach are considered good for hair growth as they are a good source of a vital nutrient for hair growth, namely beta-carotene.

Which foods increase hair growth?

A diet that includes meat and fatty fish, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, soy beans, and vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts) is good for hair growth.

Which food prevents hairfall?

Fatty fish, nuts and seeds, and leafy greens prevent hair fall.

Which dry fruits help with hair growth?

Dry fruits like almonds and walnuts are a rich source of protein, iron, and Vitamin E that strengthen hair from the roots and prevent hair fall.

Does fenugreek regrow hair?

Yes, fenugreek is effective in reducing hair fall and in promoting the growth of new hair.