Top 5 Kalmi Dates Benefits: Don’t pass up these Caramelly perks!!

Kalmi Dates Benefits

If you are fond of sweet food then you must try Kalmi Dates. Kalmi dates have a natural caramel flavor and will become your favorite in no time. They are also famous for their nutritional content which provides many health benefits. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 kalmi dates benefits. But before jumping to the benefits let's have a quick look at the nutrients present in them.

Kalmi Dates Nutritions


Amount per 100 g

Daily intake

% of Daily Value





Vitamin C

0.2 mg



Vitamin A

10 IU

900 IU



52 mg

400 mg



0.6 mg

8 mg



2.5 g

50 g



690 mg

4700 mg



75 g

2000 g



63 g

25 g



7 g 

25 g


Total fats

0.12 g 

65 g


Saturated fats

0.1 g

20 g


Top 5 Kalmi Dates Benefits

As you can see in the table, Kalmi dates have all the essential nutrients that your body needs. Let’s see how these nutrients can improve your health.

1) Help in digestion

Kalmi dates have 28% of the DV of fiber. This fiber treats digestive issues. It also makes the stool bulky and soft so that it can pass easily from your body. That is why daily consumption of Kalmi dates results in regular bowel movements. 

2) Improves brain function

There are certain substances [Interleukin 6 (IL-6)] that damage our brains. When the amount of these substances increases in our body, it causes Alzheimer’s disease. Daily consumption of kalmi dates can reduce the level of these substances and protect us from harmful diseases. 

Kalmi dates benefits also include a reduction in plaque. Plaque is another reason for Alzheimer’s disease. They also boost the memory of your brain and help with anxiety disorders.

3) Induces natural labor in pregnant woman

We all know that natural birth is much safer than operation. Women who give birth naturally do not experience weight gain and recover more quickly. One way in which you can induce natural labor is by adding kalmi dates to your diet.

They have substances that mimic oxytocin which is essential for childbirth. These substances tie themselves to the receptors and induce healthy contractions. Another substance present in Kalmi dates that helps with contractions is tannins.

4) Good for male fertility

Kalmi dates benefits also include improvement in sperm count. They are very helpful for men that have low libido. The amino acids that are present in these dates provide energy. This increases the sexual performance of a male.

5) Make your bones stronger

Kalmi dates have 13% of magnesium in 100 grams. This is helpful for keeping your bones strong. It can also help in the treatment of osteoporosis.


In conclusion, Kalmi dates are a full package. They are nutritious as well as healthy.

Kalmi dates benefits include improving gut health, making bones strong, inducing labor, improving fertility in men, and improving brain functions. But you must get high-quality kalmi dates to experience these benefits.

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