5 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat - Flattening Those Unwanted Curves

5 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat - Flattening Those Unwanted Curves

A flat stomach, or simply considered a wardrobe abs is the dream for many. While a trimmed waistline can be hard to achieve, there are some good reasons why you should reduce your belly fat. Here you will find some comprehensive information on 5 proven ways that can help you lose unwanted belly, and also why it is crucial to lead a healthy and wellness-focused life. 

What is Belly Fat?

Not all belly fat is the same. According to the experts, the fat under the skin that causes bulge is called subcutaneous fat. Although you may not like the way it looks on your body, it is less harmful than visceral fat. This type of fat resides in the deep layers of the abdomen and is associated with type 2 diabetes and other types of heart diseases. 

People with high visceral fat are more likely to suffer from different types of chronic health conditions like colorectal cancer, high blood pressure, and other issues. It does not matter what your condition is, it is imperative to take the necessary measures to get rid of the unwanted fat from your body.

5 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat:

  1. Careful Intake of Carbs: When it comes to weight gain, the first thing that comes to mind is fat. They have got a bad rep over the years. However, it is very important for you to understand that carbohydrates are the main culprit of a bulgy waistline. 

Most people think avoiding the consumption of fat may help them to lose weight. However, it is also important for you to understand that overconsumption of processed foods and carbohydrates is the primary reason for the accumulation of fat in the abdomen area. Therefore, it is very important to avoid that type of food. When choosing foods that contain carbohydrates, looking for options that also contain fiber is very important. 

  1. Avoiding Midnight Snacking: Most of us know that any snack or processed food can taste better during the wee hours of the night. However, if you have a habit of midnight snacking, it is important to close that eating window. Some studies have shown that eating according to the body clock helps the natural circadian of the body to function and process fat storage. Eating on time and earlier clears the unwanted glucose from the body and will help you control your overall weight. 

  1. Choosing the Right Exercise Pattern: Undoubtedly, exercise is a key component to losing belly fat. There are different types of exercises that you can mix and match to reduce belly fat specifically. Although there are numerous options, choosing a mix of aerobic activities and resistance training could be the best option for you. According to experts, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activities or 75 minutes of vigorous activity once a week paired with at least 2 days of muscle-strengthening activities will help you to see wonders. 

  1. Eat Less and Feel Full with Lean Protein: Choosing lean protein food sources to fill your plate will make you feel full and satiated. You should aim to consume at least 20 to 30 grams of protein with each meal. If you are choosing any snack between the meals, make sure to include at least 10 grams of snack. When it comes to snacks, most people find it hard to choose the right type. If you are facing the same issue, we at Healthy Master can help you. 

Healthy Master offers some of the most nutritious snacks that are completely healthy for your body and weight loss. For instance, you will find different categories of snacks like weight management, gluten-free, keto-friendly, baked chips, etc in the store from which you can choose the best and enjoy guilt-free snacking.

  1. Good Sleep Routine: Most of us feel lethargic and tired most of the day if we have a bad night’s sleep. In the same way, a track record of bad sleep can cause numerous other problems in your life and health. One of these issues might be belly fat. Some studies have shown that a person having less than five hours of sleep regularly may experience an increase in both subcutaneous and visceral belly fat. Thus, it is imperative to maintain a proper sleep cycle during your weight loss journey. 


Basically, losing belly fat is not something that you can control only with a strict diet or exercise. There are different factors like sleep cycle, healthy lifestyle practices, healthy nutrition choices, etc that come into play. If you are having any type of health issues or problems, it is also necessary to consult a dietician or health experts before starting your weight loss journey.