5 dry fruits that are a must for kidney patients

dry fruits for kidney patient

Kidneys have an important function in our body. They filter our blood and expel the waste. This waste then comes out of our body as Urine. People that suffer from Kidney problems cannot expel this waste from their bodies. When the waste starts building up, we suffer from diseases.

In this blog today we will see 7 dry fruits for kidney patients. These dry fruits will help them in keeping their kidney healthy and functioning.

Benefits of dry fruits for kidney patients

Dry fruits have several benefits for not just kidneys but our entire body. Let’s learn what these benefits are - 

1) Rich source of nutrients

Dry fruits have a wide variety of nutrients. For example, they have potassium which is a highly important mineral for the kidney. It also balances fluids in the body. It is important for nerve function and muscle contraction.

2) Regulation of sugar in the blood

Another benefit of dry fruits for kidney patience is that they regulate sugar in your blood. Dry fruits have high fiber content. Fiber helps in the slow absorption of sugar in the blood. This is beneficial for people that are suffering from diabetes or prediabilities. Another advantage of fiber is that it keeps you full.

3) Good for gut health

As mentioned above, dry fruits are rich in fiber. This helps in digestion and prevents constipation. It also makes the stool soft and bulky. This ensures easy passage of stool from the body.

4) Gives you an energy boost

Dry fruits have high calories and carbohydrates. Both of these are known for providing energy. If you are feeling tired then just snack on these dry fruits.

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5 dry fruits for kidney patience 

1) Macadamia Nuts

The origin of macadamia nuts in Australia. They have a high content of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. They have low concentrations of phosphorus and potassium. Dry fruits with low phosphorus and potassium are good for kidney patience.

They are one of the important dry fruits for kidney patience because they have other nutrients as well. 

You can eat them as raw snacks. You can also add them to smoothies, yogurt, and salads.

2) Peanuts

Peanuts have high protein and fiber. These both are essential nutrients for kidney patience. They are also rich in arginine. Arginine, a famous amino acid improves the functions of the kidneys. Peanuts have low potassium and phosphorus. This makes them one of the dry fruits for kidney patience.

Peanuts have a hearty dose of magnesium, folate, and Vitamin E. Magnesium keeps your bones healthy. Folate protects the child from birth defects in pregnant women. Vitamin E protects from free radicals.

There are several ways to eat peanuts. The two best ways to eat peanuts are - You can eat raw or roasted. Both forms will satisfy your taste buds. You can also use peanut butter in your breakfast.

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3) Figs

Figs are another dry fruits that are important for patients with kidney disease. They contain potassium, fiber, and calcium. Potassium regulates blood pressure and balances the fluids. But too much potassium can be harmful. Therefore consult a doctor before adding figs to your diet. Another reason why figs are popular dry fruits for kidney patience is that they help in bowel movement. It also helps with constipation. Another nutrient that is present in figs is calcium. Calcium makes the bones healthy and strong. 

Ways in which you can add figs to your diet are - 

4) Dates

Dates are another important dry fruit for kidney patience. They are rich in  - 

  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

They all have certain benefits for your health. 

Fiber keeps your gut healthy. It helps in digestion. It also makes the absorption of sugar in the blood slow. That is why it is one of the important dry fruits for kidney patiencePotassium is important for regulating blood pressure. Magnesium protects kidneys from damage.

Dates also have Vitamin K, Iron, and Vitamin A. Vitamin A cures night blindness. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting. This heals the wound and prevents excessive bleeding. Iron provides oxygen through hemoglobin.

Some ways in which you can add dates to your diet are - 

  • Add them to oatmeal
  • Add them to smoothies
  • Eat them raw
  • You can make khajoor milkshake.

5) Raisins

Raisins are nutritious dry fruits. They are rich in potassium. This makes it one of the important dry fruits for kidney patience. 

Potassium is an important mineral for kidney patience. It regulates fluids in the body. It also prevents kidney stones. Raisin is known for nutrients like Vitamin K, calcium, fiber, etc. 

Fiber helps in digestion and constipation. Magnesium is important for nerve functions. Calcium is important for bones. Iron is important for carrying oxygen to the body parts. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting. This heals the wound and prevents accessive bleeding.

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In conclusion, dry fruits for kidney patience are highly important. They have lots of benefits for kidneys and other body parts. They are highly nutritious. 

All dry fruits are low in phosphorus and potassium. If you are looking to buy dry fruits online then visit HealthyMaster. They have a wide variety of dry fruits that are 100% natural.

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