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Healthy Master

Salted Roasted Peanuts - (Groundnuts)

✅Protein Rich | Sources of Biotin | Dietary fiber

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Product description

Buy Salted Roasted Peanuts online at Healthy Master

Salted Peanuts also known as groundnuts are an excellent plant-based source of protein and are high in various vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. They are an excellent source of Vitamin E and niacin.

They are also a good source of potassium and contain magnesium, which helps maintain normal blood pressure. Additionally, Salted peanuts can be useful as a part of a weight loss diet and may reduce your risk of heart disease and gallstones. Check 1 kg groundnut price at Healthy Master.

Salted Peanuts work well with other heart-healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You can include peanuts as a snack or a meal to keep your heart healthy all day!
Peanuts are equally beneficial to diabetic people in managing their blood sugar levels. Peanuts have a low glycemic index, which means there are no big spikes in blood sugar levels. Check 1 kg groundnut price at Healthy Master and Buy the premium quality salted roasted peanuts

Health Benefits Of Peanuts :

  •  Excellent Source of Biotin which is essential for pregnant women.
  •  Protect against Gallstones.
  •  Stimulate the immune system.
  •  Lowers blood sugar levels
  •  Boost Hair growth.
  • High protein.
  • Healthful fats.
  • Good source of detary fiber


  • Peanuts
  • Salt
  • Nutritional values: Per100g
    Calories 596
    Total fat 47.8g           
    Saturated Fat         6.0g
    Carbohydrate  10.4g
    sugar  7.3g
    Fiber 9.5g
    Protein 26.2g
    salt 1.0g

1)What is the storage and shelf life of Peanuts?

It can be stored in an airtight container. Shelf Life is 4 Months.

2)What is special about Healthy Master Peanuts snacks?

It is non-fried without any preservatives and a natural source of protein and of very good quality.

3)Is it gluten-free?

Yes, Healthy Master Peanuts snacks are gluten-free.

4)Is it Keto-friendly?

Yes, Healthy Master Peanuts snacks are Keto-friendly.

5)Can I buy Healthy Master Salted Roasted Peanuts online?

Yes, you can purchase our salted roasted peanuts conveniently through our online store at


Customer Reviews

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Rabeek Raja


Milind Singh

Tasty, packed hygiene, excellent quality.

high and fresh quality

They were fresh, very clean and really good quality. Atleast better than most brands. There is a variety in peanuts that is higher than this one too but those are very expensive. However this one is of a mod range peanut variant but in that too these were much better than the usual local brands that we used to buy from.

Hari Mustikar
Salted Peanuts


Babu John

Salted Roasted Peanut