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Sunflower Seeds (Surajmukhi ke Beej)

✅Iron Rich | Reduces cholesterol | Good for heart

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Product description

Buy Premium Quality Sunflower seeds online at Healthy Master

Bring home a bag of our Sunflower Seeds. Our premium roasted sunflower seeds are made of sunflower kernels, traditionally grown in the Great Plains. Rich in nutrients, full of fiber, and high-quality protein, these seeds can be used in a variety of dishes or simply digested as a nutritional snack. These nutritious seeds are free from additives and come in different flavors that can be easily enjoyed. Buy Sunflower Seeds from the healthy master. 

What is the price of sunflower seeds in India?

Sunflower seeds have a reputation for containing large amounts of vitamin E and protein, but they also contain a wide range of other nutrients. Sunflower price is 340 rs per 500 gm packet. The list includes fiber, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, and Zinc. Sunflower seeds are particularly worthwhile since they help prevent heart disease, cancer, and build muscles, and make you look younger.

Sunflower seeds help in giving a good digestive system to people due to their fiber content and absorbable nutrients. Buy Best Sunflower Seeds Online in India at the best price from the healthy master.

Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds:


  •  Zero cholesterol and ideal keto-friendly snack.
  •  Healthy weight loss and maintaining hormonal balance.
  •  Protect from cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders.
  •   Great for your skin, heart, liver, and overall health.
  •  Reduces inflammation
  •  Great source of Iron, Vitamin-B1 & B6 
  • Improving heart health.
  • Boosting energy levels.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Management of diabetes.


  • Sunflower Seeds


               Nutritional Values : Per100g

Calories 617
total carbohydrate 23g
sugar 11g
protien 17g
total fat 55g
saturated fat 5g
Dietary fibre 6g
cholestrol 0g
Sodium 3mg
Potassium 576mg

1) What are the Storage and Shelf Life of Sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds can be stored in an airtight container or refrigerated for up to 6 months.

2) How to consume Sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds can be eaten raw or slightly roasted.

3) Is this a roasted one?

No, the sunflower seeds are not roasted.

4) Is the sunflower seeds salted?

No, the sunflower seeds are not salted.

5) Are sunflower seeds suitable for people with nut allergies?

Yes, sunflower seeds are a great alternative for individuals with nut allergies as they are not classified as tree nuts.

6) Are sunflower seeds rich in nutrients?

Yes, sunflower seeds are packed with nutrients including vitamin E, magnesium, and selenium, making them a nutritious addition to your diet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Ananya Patel

"Nutritious and delicious! These sunflower seeds are packed with iron and great for the heart. They make a tasty and healthy snack."

Rahul Sharma

"Great for snacking! These sunflower seeds are not only good for cholesterol but also support weight loss. I enjoy them between meals."

Priya Singh

"Healthy and crunchy! These sunflower seeds are a great source of iron and support bone health. They're my go-to snack option."

Rohit Verma

"A heart-healthy choice! These sunflower seeds are rich in nutrients and reduce cholesterol. They're perfect for maintaining a healthy diet."

Karan Sharma

"Supports weight loss! I love snacking on these sunflower seeds. They're nutritious, support bone health, and help with weight management."