Recipe for Ragi Noodles

by Shopify API on Sep 04, 2021

Recipe for Ragi Noodles

Welcome to ragi online where you will find a source of nutrient-rich ragi. There are many health benefits that could be derived from the nutrients of this cereal. Ragi is rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and has a low level of fat and calories.Not just this, ragi also helps lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar balance, reduce sugar cravings and fight degenerative diseases.

Steps For Making Ragi noodles

1. Add noodles in 2 lt boiling water, cook for 5 mins, drain the water & Keep noodles aside.

2. Saute required vegetables in 1 tsp oil, add the seasonings from the seasonings pack & mix well.

3. Mix the cooked noodles & sauted vegetables & serve hot. and ragi online is prepared.