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Best Dry Fruits for Workplace

Now we did another informative blog about healthy snacks you can enjoy at your workplace. We suggested Quinoa puffs, whole wheat cookies, Khakra chips, granola protein bars, and foxnuts. But you know what else is super wholesome food to keep munching on? That’s right… Dry fruits and nuts! and we thought that they require a blog of their own. So, here are some great to eat dried fruits and nuts that will make sure you will never go hungry in the office again:


These seeds are tightly packed with lots of protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, and fibers. It’s also rich in Vitamin E. So if you have a cholesterol or high blood pressure problem munch on a few almond nuts now and then, cause these seeds are loaded with blood pressure decreasing minerals like magnesium. Now Almonds are on the top of our list cause they are high in proteins and fibers which gives you a feeling of fullness. This is excellent if you are minding your weight and want to reduce your calorie intake. Have a couple of almonds the next time you missed a meal to relieve you from any subsequent hunger pang.


Walnut dry fruits are great to nibble on while browsing, researching, or writing something on your computer. Apart from their stellar taste and texture, these nuts are great for your body. Vitamin E, melatonin, and Omega-3s in these seeds have been proven to be a deterrent to heart-related diseases. This is just the beginning, there is enough scientific literature to suggest that walnuts help in preventing cancer and diabetes. Healthy bacteria are drawn to walnuts, so eating them leads to a healthier gut, which in turn leads to better digestion and lesser inflammation. Organic walnuts, dried pistachios, and roasted peanuts also help with digestion and inflammatory diseases.


Dried Blueberries

Blueberries are called a ‘superfruit’ for a reason. Whether they are dried, frozen, or fresh they are rich in nutrients and should be a part of any diet. These berries are so calorie dense that it is prescribed to athletes who need a quick boost of energy. But they have a lot of natural sugar so you shouldn’t take too much if you are diabetic. Dried blueberries may be less on antioxidants than fresh ones but they make up for it with four times the fiber content of the freshly plucked berries. So chew on these every time you feel a little low

Dried dates

Dates can be found in abundance during winters and Indian festivals. It’s a great fruit to consume with many wonderful benefits. You might need one in times of fatigue. Not only give you that surge in energy dates are extremely good for the skin and helps in reducing hair loss.

Dried Apricots

Your body will thank you if you make apricots a part of your daily diet. They are like a boon when feeling low or exhausted. It helps in cell growth, bolsters immunity, improves vision and fertility. Eat some dried apricots from time to time to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Many recipes and dishes do help you relieve your hunger pangs and stabilizes your energy levels but we chose the ones that are tasty, easy to carry, and ready to eat. So next time you feel a little drained at the office, treat yourself to some dried fruits or nuts.