Wedding Diet: 5 Foods To Avoid And Include In The Meals

1 month before wedding diet plan

Wedding Diet: 5 Foods To Avoid And Include In The Meals

Every bride and guest attending the wedding want to look amazing because, after all, it's a special moment during the wedding. Photographers will be hounding both the bride and guests. Sharing those beautiful photos on the internet after the ceremony is also customary these days.

The bride and guests are driven by these factors to maintain a trim and fashionable figure as the wedding draws near. Unfortunately, their fitness goals may suffer during this time due to high levels of stress. 

In this blog, we shall discuss the foods that would help you work out your wedding diet plan.

Top 5 Foods To Include In Your Meals

1. Dal (Lentils)

1 month before wedding diet plan

Dal is a food item that is high in protein and reduces cravings between meals by making you feel fuller for longer. Its high fibre content promotes digestion and keeps you feeling energised for the duration of the celebration. 

You can have it with brown rice or roti, which makes the wedding diet plan for both the bride and guests, healthy and delicious.

2. Vegetable Biryani

1 month before wedding diet plan

For your wedding diet plan, vegetable biryani is a great option because it provides vital nutrients without sacrificing flavour by combining the goodness of vibrant vegetables with aromatic spices. 

It's a filling and healthy choice that prevents you from unnecessary snacking by keeping you full. The combination of veggies and basmati rice provides a well-balanced energy boost, making it ideal for celebrations.

Its delicious flavour also guarantees that both the guests and bride will stick to a healthier diet plan and enjoy their meals while preparing for this happy occasion.

3. Vegetable Paratha

1 month before wedding diet plan

Vegetable paratha is an excellent option for your wedding diet plan since it combines the benefits of whole wheat with vegetables. It is rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals and keeps you satisfied and full for longer periods. 

The vegetables add to the flavour without adding extra calories. This delicious meal is a great way to prepare for the special day ahead while upgrading your overall health status.

4. Saag (Spinach) Curry

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Saag Curry is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The fibre's ability to keep you full promotes healthy weight management. Furthermore, its low-calorie content is ideal for your health-related goals. Spinach also contains iron, which is responsible for boosting energy. 

This aromatic curry makes a satisfying diet plan for your well-being to keep you prepared for the wedding ahead as both the guest and the bride.

5. Raita with Fresh Vegetables

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Raita with fresh vegetables is a great addition to your wedding diet plan being both the bride and the guest. The raita has a creamy texture and probiotics to support gut health. The vegetables are filled with nutrients and provide a crunch; they are also low in calories, making this dish a delightful option for any occasion.

Top 5 Foods to Avoid During Your Meals

Processed Foods

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Processed foods frequently contain added salt, bad fats, and hidden sugars, they should be avoided during a wedding diet. Bloating, lethargic behaviour, and unintended weight gain can result from these. 

Avoid packaged snacks, heavily processed curries and sauces, and instant noodles and instead choose whole, fresh foods for long-lasting energy and a glowing wedding complexion, such as vegetables, lean meats, and lentils.

Sugary Treats

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During your wedding diet plan, overindulging in sugary treats can cause energy crashes and weight gain. Indian sweets with a lot of refined sugar, like gulab jamun and jalebi, could throw off your health objectives. 

Consuming too much sugar can also harm the appearance of your skin, so you should avoid it when preparing for the special wedding day ahead. To stay energised and look great for your special occasion, choose healthier dessert options or enjoy such treats in moderation. 

Fried Foods

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Fried foods are high in fat and calorie content, which leads to weight gain. Popular fried foods in India, such as samosas, pakoras, and bhajis, are tasty but can pack on the pounds. Choosing baked or grilled options is a smarter way of preparing for the wedding occasion as both the bride and the guest without sacrificing your health objectives. 

Refined carbs

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Blood sugar spikes from refined carbohydrates cause energy slumps and an increase in cravings. When following a wedding diet, choose whole grains like quinoa or brown rice instead of white rice or items made with refined flour, such as naan.

Creamy dishes

pre wedding diet plan

Creamy dishes are high in calories and saturated fat content, which may interfere with your wedding diet and affect your weight goals. Popular creamy Indian dishes like Shahi Paneer and Butter Chicken are delicious but frequently high in fat. 


Adopting a healthy diet for your wedding requires deliberate decision-making. Steer clear of refined sugars and high carbs, as they could impede your efforts to get fit. Rather, give preference to nutrient-dense meals like whole grains, lean meats, and vibrant vegetables.

Water consumption is also essential for proper hydration. Finally, remember to enjoy special treats in moderation without sacrificing your general health. By taking a balanced approach, you can radiate health and happiness as both the guest and the bride on the wedding day and feel your best.

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