Almond Red chilli - Healthy Master
Almond Red chilli - Healthy Master
Almond Red chilli - Healthy Master
Almond Red chilli - Healthy Master
Almond Red chilli - Healthy Master
Almond Red chilli - Healthy Master

Almond Red chilli

Rich in antioxidants | High vitamin E |Reduces weight
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Buy the best Almond Red chilli at Healthy Master

Almonds have numerous other health benefits apart from increasing the appetite. Almonds are very beneficial in stomach intestine and liver diseases. Almonds contain several minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates that are necessary for the healthy functioning of the body.

Almonds are a good source of healthy fat, protein, and fiber which help our body to burn calories easily and thus help in increasing our metabolic rate. This leads to fat loss in our bodies. Buy the Premium best Almond Red chilli (Badam) Online in India.

It is very good for health due to the presence of vitamins like B1, B2, P, and E along with iron, calcium, and proteins. It is almost free from cholesterol as it contains lecithin which removes harmful fats from the body while increasing bone strength. Many people consume almonds regularly as they provide a substantial amount of energy to our bodies. Buy Roasted Salted Almonds at Best Price India from Healthy master.


<b> Health Benefits</b>
<li>Help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and maintain blood pressure. </li>
<li>Help in brain development and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.</li>
<li>Boost energy, immune level and improve bone health</li>
<li>Rich in nutrients.</li>
<li> Good for your heart.</li>
<li>Regulate blood sugar.</li>
<li>Rich in antioxidants</li>
<li>High vitamin E</li>
<li>Reduces weight</li>
<li>Good for your nerves.</li>



<li>Almonds kernel</li>
<li>Dried red chilli powder </li>
<li>Iodized Salt</li>
<li>Nature identical flavour</li>
<li>Other spices & condiments.</li>


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<th>Nutritional Value</th>
<th>(per 100g approx)</th>


<td>Protein </td>
<td>6g </td>

<td>Carbohydrates </td>
<td>7g </td>

<td>Fat </td>
<td>13 </td>

<td>Fiber </td>
<td>4g </td>

<td>Sugar </td>
<td>0g </td>




Customer Reviews

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<ol type="1">
<li> <b>is the storage and shelf life of Almond Red chili?? </b><br> Once it is opened pack it in an airtight container and refrigerate to store for a longer time up to 6 months
<li><b>What are the other variants of flavored Almonds available?</b> <br> Almond Rose Petal </li>
<li><b>What is special about Healthy Master Khakra varieties? </b><br> It is baked,non-fried, crisper, healthier without any preservatives</li>
<li><b>Are these Almonds roasted?</b> <br> YES and flavored with red chili powder</li>
<li><b>Do Almond Chilli nuts retain their nutritional benefits even after roasting and flavouring?</b><br> Yes, the roasting process retains the nutritional benefits of almonds.</li>

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Super tasty

This red chilli almond is absolute value for money. The almonds are so good and fresh

Overall good

First of all I love the packaging of the product, it comes in a airtight packet which is really travel friendly. Now coming badam quality Almonds are long and crunchy enough to give you nice a taste at its best. Lastly thanks to healthy master for giving a good discount on such a good product. Thank you healthy masterto the for this one.

Very good

Healthy master badam is so powerful and it appears extra freshness and because it is useful it so necessary for us.

Fresh and crunchy

The texture of almond is good, you can feel the juiciness.. Size wise all of the almonds are large. Its freshly packed.

Crunchy, fresh

The packing of the product is impressive. The pack comes with a zipper so that you can keep the chilli almonds airtight