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Healthy Master

Healthy Chips Combo - Baked and Nutritious

✅Rich in Dietary Fiber| Nutritional Snacks| Baked Chips Snack

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Product description

From the young generation to the old generation, and everyone in between, chips are everyone's favorite. From munching on chips in free time to enjoying binge watching with chips on the weekend, chips are the go-to snack for almost everyone. With Healthy Master, you can enjoy guilt-free munching on chips without compromising your health. It offers a wide range of maida and oil-free chips that are rich in fibre and protein and low in calories. Its range of chips varies from ragi chips, quinoa, oats, palak chips and much more. Each of these chips is gluten-free and baked by nature. Explore healthy chip varieties now. 

What sets our Baked and Nutritious Chips Combo apart is its commitment to health without sacrificing taste. Made with whole grains, real vegetables, and heart-healthy oils, these chips are lower in fat and calories compared to their fried counterparts. Plus, they're free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and additives, making them a wholesome choice for snack time.

Health Benefits of Baked Chips

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Assortment of antioxidant-rich ingrediants
  • Rich in Dietary Fiber
  • A sure way to supercharge your day.
  • Excellent Healthy Daily Dose
  • High in protein
  • Optimum nutritional intake
  • Provide many nutrients
  • Healthy wholesome snacking option.
  • Good at Gifting Healthy.


Healthy Snacks Combo consists                          

              1) Ragi Chips 100gm                     

              2) Quinoa Chips 100gm               

              3) Oats Chips 100gm                    

              4) Palak Chips 100gm                   

1)What is the storage and shelf life of the Healthy Snacks Combo?                                       

It can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3months.;

2)What is special about Healthy Master's 4 Chips Combo?                                       

It is natural, freshly made without any preservatives.                                  

3)Is it gluten free?                                      


4)Is it Vegan?                                


5)Is it Diabetic Friendly?                            


6)Which age group of people prefers this?                                       

It is the perfect snack for all age groups.                           

7)What this Healthy Snacks Combo consists of?                              

              1) Ragi Chips 100gm                     

              2) Quinoa Chips 100gm               

              3) Oats Chips 100gm                    

              4) Palak Chips 100gm                   

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Gurmit Kher
Excellent product

I never thought my son is ever going to like beet root ragi quinoa ….. it’s very tasty

Rao Kadambari
stand up to their name ‘Healthy'

Certainly suitable to modern living, healthy choice, reasonable price, well packed and quick delivery. We will buy here again and recommend for their professionally too.

Healthy Snacks

I regularly buy baked chips, and my favorite flavor is beetroot. I love snacking on them guilt-free, and my 4-year-old daughter enjoys them too.

Dr. Danveera
Crispy, tasty and healthy :)

Impressed with the quality of the chips you make. Thease are really tasty and guilt free.

Guilt free and very tasty

I am a regular buyer of baked chips. My favourite is beet root baked chip which I can’t stop munching without any guilt and I give these to my 4 year old daughter who loves them