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Muskmelon Seeds (Kharbuja) - Plain

✅Good for diabetes | Rich in Potassium | Good Source of Vitamin-C

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Product description

Buy Melon Seeds Online at Healthy Master

Muskmelon seeds, also known as Melon seeds, are a rich source of various nutrients such as vitamins, protein, dietary fiber, and minerals. They can be used to treat stomach disorders such as food fermentation and anorexia. These powerful seeds also contain a high quantity of antioxidants, which protect your body from the dangerous damage caused by free radicals. Rich in proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and fiber, muskmelon seeds help you stay strong and also possess anti-viral properties, reducing the ill effects of other ailments. Buy Muskmelon Seeds from Healthy Master.

Nutrients in Melon Seeds

Muskmelon seeds, like the fruit itself, are a rich source of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Iron, along with minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, and other essential nutrients. By consuming these seeds, you can nourish your body and fulfil your nutritional needs, as they are a good source of protein and carbohydrates as well. Get Muskmelon Seeds at the Best Price in India and avail of their benefits

Health Benefits Of Muskmelon Seeds:


  •  Act as a good deworming agent in the intestinal tract.
  •  Aids diabetes and regulates insulin secretion.
  •  Helpful in acidity and constipation.
  •  Eliminate excess phlegm from the body and aid in relieving congestion.
  •  Help sharpen eyesight as well as reduce the risk of developing cataracts.
  • Rich in Potassium which helps in reducing the blood pressure
  • Good Source of Vitamin-C
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Strengthen your immune system.


  • Muskmelon Seeds


           Nutritional values : Per100g

Energy 34Kcl
total carbohydrate 8.16g
sugar 7.86g
protien 0.34g
total fat 0.19g
Dietary fibre 0.9g
Calcium 9mg
Megnesium 12mg
Phosphorus 15mg
Sodium 16mg
Vitamin A 169ug
Manganese 0.41mg
Potassium 267mg
Zinc 0.18mg

1) What are the Storage and Shelf Life of Muskmelon Seeds?

Muskmelon seeds can be stored in an airtight container or refrigerated for up to 6 months.

2) How to consume muskmelon seeds?

You can eat muskmelon seeds raw or add them to your salads or fruit servings. Additionally, you can dry roast them and add them to soups to keep your hunger pangs away and stay full for a longer time.

3) Is this a roasted one?

No, the muskmelon seeds are not roasted.

4) Is the Muskmelon seeds salted?

No, the muskmelon seeds are not salted.

5) Is this product available wholesale?

Yes, the product is available for wholesale purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Anish meta

I love the brand who are creating health wave for present & future generations Being in South of India I like seeds raw as this packet has more of it .



Worth Buying

Amazing product and true value for money. When I was about to buy I had second thought but I will go for this product again.

Great Product!

The seeds are freshly packed and of good quality. There are plenty of health benefits too. Seeds are clean, its a good purchase.

Overall good

Best in quality, very clean and economical muskmelon seeds. I have been buying them since years and it's a great healthy snack