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Pregnancy is a wonderful but delicate time in a woman's life. Your body and mind undergo significant changes as you prepare to nurture a new life within you. You begin to make lifestyle and diet changes to ensure a healthy pregnancy. To stay healthy and nurture your new-born baby, you must add nutrient-dense ragi to your pregnancy diet. Ragi, also known as finger millet, is high in calcium, iron, potassium, and amino acids. 

Without further delay, let's look at the incredible health benefits of ragi during pregnancy. 

6 Health Benefits of Ragi in Pregnancy 

  1. Reliefs from Constipation

    A growing fetus puts pressure on your intestinal area, influencing bowel movements. Ragi, being rich in fibre, regulates bowel movements and reduces constipation. 
  2. Promotes Sound Sleep 

    Sleep deprivation is frequent among pregnant women, especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Ragi is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes sound sleep. Therefore, you should add ragi to your pregnancy-friendly diet. 
  3. Promotes Breast Milk Production

    For nursing mothers, ragi is a must-have as it is high in calcium and iron, which aid in milk production and hormonal balance. 
  4. Reduces the Risk of Gestational Diabetes 

    Pregnant women are at high risk of developing gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Doctors frequently recommend Ragi to prevent this risk as it is rich in polyphenol antioxidants,which dramatically reduce the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes.
  5. Controls Cholesterol Level

    You must keep your cholesterol levels under control during pregnancy because your baby's health is heavily dependent on yours. High cholesterol levels during pregnancy might cause hypertension and may even prevent you from having a normal childbirth. 

Ragi, on the other hand, includes a healthy quantity of lecithin and methionine, which are wonderful at managing the cholesterol levels in your body. 

  1. Growth and Development of Fetus

    Ragi is high in calcium, which helps to strengthen bones and teeth and aids in the healthy skeletal development of the fetus. 

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4 Ways to Add Ragi to Your Pregnancy-Friendly Diet

You might be wondering how to incorporate ragi into your diet so that you can get all the essential nutrients of ragi without compromising your health. Here are four smart ways to eat ragi during pregnancy:
  1. Baked Ragi Chips

    It is common to have late-night cravings during pregnancy. The best way to satisfy your cravings is to munch on baked ragi chips. They are extremely nutritious and make an excellent healthy snack for expecting mothers. You can order premium quality baked ragi chips from Healthy Master. 
  2. Ragi Millet Noodles

    If noodles are your all-time favourite snacks, don't worry; you can still enjoy them during your pregnancy. All you have to do is switch from unhealthy maida noodles to ragi millet noodles. Ragi millet noodles from Healthy Master are steamed in nature and don't contain any added flavour or preservatives. 
  3. Instant Ragi Upma Mix

    Eating a healthy and nutritious packed breakfast is super-important in pregnancy. The right breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. Ragi upma mix is one of the healthy breakfast options that you can consider. It is gluten-free and vegan, and it also retains all the nutrients of ragi. Buy Instant Ragi Upma from the Healthy Master.
  4. Ragi Balls

    Satisfy your sweet cravings with nutrient-packed and delicious ragi balls. They are also quick energy boosters. They have a nutty flavour and a unique texture. End your search for gluten-free ragi balls on Healthy Master. 

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You are blessed to carry a growing life inside of you. You must be mindful of what you eat to stay healthy and supply the correct nutrition to your baby. Ragi is a must-have, incredibly healthy cereal in your pregnancy diet. It is loaded with the goodness of nutrients like amino acids, methionine, and calcium, to name a few. It is gluten-free, and you must integrate it during the first trimester of pregnancy. You can order the ragi snacks from Healthy Master. 

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